Are Dogs Allowed In Target?

As of 2023, dogs are not allowed in Target.

However, there are only six types of service dogs that are allowed: guide dogs, medical alert and assist dogs, psychiatric service dogs, hearing dogs, seizure alert and response dogs, and severe allergy alert dogs.

Why Aren’t Dogs Allowed in Target?

Target has a strict policy against allowing dogs in their stores. This is because they don’t want their customers to be distracted by dogs while trying to shop or go through checkout lines; they also worry about the safety of both customers and pets if something were to happen while they’re in the store together (for example: if someone were allergic).

This policy isn’t just limited to Target; many companies have rules against bringing pets into their stores because of similar concerns.

What Stores Allow Dogs?

What Stores Don’t Allow Dogs?

Are Dogs Allowed in Target in Texas?

As of right now, Target does not have a policy in place regarding dogs in their stores. However, this could change at any time, so it’s always best to check with the store before bringing your dog inside. In Texas, there are no state laws that prohibit dogs from being in public places like Target, so as long as the store is okay with it, you should be able to bring your four-legged friend inside with you.

Are Small Dogs Allowed in Target?

No, small dogs are not allowed in Target. The only dogs allowed in Target are service animals, like seeing-eye dogs and hearing assistance dogs.

Target has no official rule about bringing your small dog into the store, but we recommend that you leave them at home.

Are Dogs Allowed in Target in a Bag?

No, unfortunately not. Dogs are not permitted to enter any Target store, even if they’re in a bag. The reason for this is because many of our stores have a policy against pets on the premises.

It’s important to remember that they’re not just talking about dogs here—we mean all pets. That means no cats, no birds, no fish… nothing but people.

They appreciate your understanding as they strive to serve their customers and make their shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

Does Target Allow Dogs in Backpacks?

Target does not allow dogs in backpacks, so you may want to leave your pup at home if you’re planning on shopping at Target. While you can shop online with your dog, the company does not allow pets in their stores. If you’re hoping to take your pup along for the ride, make sure they stay in the car until it’s time to go home.

Is Target in Austin Dog Friendly?

There are a lot of dog friendly places in Austin, but is Target one of them? Unfortunately, the answer is no. While Target does allow service animals inside their stores, they do not allow regular dogs.

This policy is in place for the safety of both employees and guests. However, there are plenty of other dog friendly places to take your pup in Austin. Be sure to check out their pet animal policy in their official website.

Are Dogs Allowed in Stores in Texas?

There is no statewide law in Texas that prohibits dogs in stores. However, individual businesses are allowed to set their own policies regarding pets. Many stores welcome leashed dogs and even have water bowls and treats available for them.

However, some stores (particularly those that sell food) do not allow dogs inside for health reasons. It’s always best to call ahead or check the store’s website before bringing your dog into a store with you.


Dogs are not allowed in Target stores. However, service animals that are trained to perform a specific task for a person with a disability are always welcome.

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