What Kills Rabbits Fast?

what kills rabbits fast

Rabbits are among the most adorable of pets, and they’re also quite popular. In fact, rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK. Most rabbit owners will keep their rabbits indoors, allowing them to roam freely in their home. Others will keep their rabbits outdoors in a hutch …

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What To Do If A Squirrel Scratches You?

squirrel scratches

Oh, what to do for squirrel scratches! Squirrels love acorns. They also can be temperamental and possessive of their nuts. Some squirrels are very territorial and it is not uncommon to find a squirrel with several scratch marks on its body. So what should you do if your critter ends …

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How Many Nuts Can A Squirrel Hold In Its Mouth?

how many nuts squirrel can hold in its mouth

Okay, I get it, you will not read this article. You’ve come here looking for the answer to a hypothetical question about the number of nuts a squirrel can hold in its mouth, otherwise known as an article about squirrels. That’s fine, I don’t blame you. I’d rather be reading …

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How To Train A Chinchilla Like A Pro

how to train chinchilla

If you’ve just bought a new chinchilla into your home, then one of the most important things you’ll have to do is train it. These little critters can be stubborn and are prone to biting, so training them from an early age is essential. But before we delve into a …

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Easy Methods To Tame A Chinchilla

how to tame a chinchilla

Chinchillas make a wonderful pet for many people. They are friendly, active, and fun loving creatures that enjoy the company of their owners. These little animals can, however, be quite challenging to tame. Thankfully, with the following tips and tricks, you will have your chinchilla under total control in a …

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Easy Methods To Potty Train Your Chinchilla

potty train chinchilla

If you are curious about how to potty train your chinchilla, then you are in luck. Chinchillas are very clean animals and they prefer their cages to be as clean as possible. They will choose when they want to use their litter box and, if trained correctly, they will use …

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How To Take Care Of A Chinchilla Like A Pro

chinchilla care

What the heck is a chinchilla? Why would I want one as a pet? Do I need to know a lot about their care before doing this, or is it easy to get started? These are all frequently asked questions about pet chinchillas we get asked. Let’s get started with …

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How To Name Your Chinchilla? (Over 80 Unique Names Ideas)

chinchilla name

So you’ve got a chinchilla! Outstanding. They’re wonderful pets, and from personal experience can be extremely loveable, friendly and playful. However, the first hurdle you’ll come across when gaining one is inevitably the name. That’s why I’m writing this article; to help you find the perfect name for your new …

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How Long Does A Chinchilla Live?

how long does chinchilla live

Chinchillas are adorable creatures that can live long lives if you take proper care. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there on how long they live. So we put together a post that clears up some of the confusion and gives you authentic and correct info on chinchilla …

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