How To Pet A Chicken

pet a chicken

Few people know how to pet a chicken. But if you want to make sure your chicken is happy and healthy, read this guide! In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about petting a chicken. From how to pick the perfect chicken for petting, to the …

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How to Care For A Pet Chicken

chicken care

You’ve just become the proud new owner of a pet chicken. Congratulations, you did good. Now keep it in mind that every animal needs to be cared for — even chickens! It’s also important to know that each chicken has different diet requirements and they all aren’t the same. That’s …

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Best Names For Pet Chickens (70 Unique Ideas)

chicken name

What are the best names for pet chickens? This is a question that many chicken owners ask themselves, especially if they have been raised in a barn. And while there are many considerations that go into choosing the right name for your pet chicken, such as its personality, you must …

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8 Reasons Chicken Makes As A Great Pets

chicken as a pet

Are you thinking about getting a pet? Most people keep a dog or cat as their household pet. But did you know chicken also makes a great pet? ​For many years, people have been keeping chickens as pets for a variety of reasons. Some keep them for their eggs, knowing …

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