8 Reasons Chicken Makes As A Great Pets

Are you thinking about getting a pet? Most people keep a dog or cat as their household pet. But did you know chicken also makes a great pet?

​For many years, people have been keeping chickens as pets for a variety of reasons. Some keep them for their eggs, knowing that they make an excellent breakfast dish. Others enjoy the experience of taking care of chickens, and the joy in watching them grow into the egg laying machines we all love so much.

There are also those that like to breed chickens recognizing them as show animals and how they can decorate property with colorful plumage and crow sounds that soothe the environment.

You see, there are many reasons chickens make great pets. Here are some of them:

1. Outstanding personalities

You’re probably used to thinking of chickens as food. But they’re also smart, social, and have outstanding personalities — and they make great pets!

Chickens have a wide variety of personalities, just like dogs and cats. We’ve all heard stories about chickens being smart enough to open doors, play games with their owners, and even understand human language. Of course, not all chickens are like that, but some certainly are.

When you consider the fact that most people don’t get along with every person they meet, it’s really no surprise that some people don’t get along well with chickens either. That said, I’ve had dozens of chickens over the years and I can easily say that my favorites are the ones who will come up to me and let me pet them.

Even though they might not be as entertaining as other pets or as loyal as dogs, they’re still quite smart animals who will quickly learn to trust you if you give them a chance.

2. Easy to care for

There are many reasons you should have chickens as pets. The first is that they are very low maintenance. All you have to do is provide them with food and water, a safe place to live, and once in a while, clean up after them.

In addition, chickens make wonderful pets because they are easy to take care of. They are quiet and do not require a lot of attention from their owners. Chickens are fun to watch and they can be excellent conversationalists too. Your kids will love having them as pets because they are easy to take care of and they do not require a lot of attention.

3. An endless supply of fresh eggs

The biggest reason chickens make great pets is because of their eggs. Treat your chickens well and they’ll reward you with fresh eggs for breakfast and dinner every day, for years on end. As well as providing a steady supply of food, the eggs are also a substantial source of protein.

Laying hens typically lay about 5 eggs per week, so you could have up to 30 fresh organic eggs to eat each month! Fresh eggs from your own chickens are far healthier than store-bought eggs, and they taste a lot better too!

4. Natural fertilizer maker

The poop from chickens is great fertilizer for your garden. It helps break down any waste products in the soil and can help grow healthier plants with more nitrogen in the soil. Just make sure you don’t overuse your chicken’s because too much nitrogen can kill plants.

5. You will save money on food and treats

If you have ever owned a dog or cat, you know they need to be fed every day, sometimes twice a day. This can add up quickly if you overfeed them or want to buy expensive food to feed your pet (s). A chicken will eat anything you throw in the coop, including table scraps, bugs, old vegetables, and even the occasional piece of bread. You can save money on food by feeding your chickens only what they will eat and saving your table scraps for your garden.

6. Free pest control

With three chickens living in our backyard, we have had to deal with pests. In fact, we have never had a pest problem until we got our chickens. This is not a coincidence. Chickens are one of the most effective methods for controlling pests. Ticks, mice, and rats are just a few of the pests that chickens can control for you. They also eat grasshoppers, crickets and spiders. Chickens will also gladly eat any food scraps you give them as long as you don’t feed them too much bread or other carbohydrates.

If you have a compost pile, they will clean that out for you as well. And since they are omnivores, they will also eat some insects (like grubs) that are bad for your garden plants. The best part is that once your hens have eaten all the bugs in your yard and your compost pile, they will no longer be interested in these areas and will move on to other food sources.

7. Cheaper than other pets

Chickens are one of the most inexpensive pets to own. The initial cost of a chicken coop is approximately $150 and the yearly cost is less than $50. The food costs more than $10 for a 25 pound bag, which should last about 3 months. Other than that, there are no other costs for the chicken’s care.

Around $150 will buy you a standard coop, but you can also build your own for much cheaper using recycled materials. Use some plywood to construct walls and doorways, but otherwise your coop can be made from pallets, wire fencing, and even hay bales.

Chickens require very little maintenance after they’re fully grown. They don’t need expensive toys or constant attention. Chickens only need food in their trough and water in their bowl. They don’t need to be walked outside or taken on walks in the park like dogs do. Plus, chickens are great fertilizers!

8. Children friendly

Chickens are great pets for children, because they are easy to pet. Typically, chickens can be kept in an outdoor pen that is fully enclosed so that they cannot escape. They also require very little maintenance and they will not cost you a lot of money to feed them. Because chickens do not have any hands or legs, it is easy for a child to pick up a chicken and hold it when the time comes to clean out the coop.

Keeping chickens is becoming a popular trend among urban dwellers. Maybe it’s because of their funny sounds and waddling walk or maybe it’s because they are just so darn cute! It might be hard to believe, but chickens make great pets for children.

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