Are Dogs Allowed In Home Depot?

As of 2023, dogs are not allowed in Home Depot.

However, only service dogs are allowed to enter the Home Depot stores. There are six types of service dogs that can be brought inside: guide dogs, medical alert and assist dogs, psychiatric service dogs, hearing dogs, seizure alert and response dogs, and severe allergy alert dogs.

Is Home Depot Canada Pet Friendly?

No, unfortunately.

Home Depot Canada does not allow pets on their property. The only exception is for service animals. If you bring your pet with you to Home Depot, the employees will ask you to leave and not return until after your pet has been removed from the premises.

If you have any questions about this policy or need help finding a pet-friendly store in Canada, please contact them.

Why Aren’t Dogs Allowed in Home Depot Stores?

It’s a question that’s been on the minds of dog owners for decades: why aren’t dogs allowed in Home Depot stores?

The answer is quite simple. The company has a strict policy against allowing pets inside its stores. The policy comes from a desire to provide a clean, safe environment for customers who may be allergic to or afraid of animals.

The company also feels that allowing pets in stores would make it difficult for employees to service customers who want to shop without having their attention diverted by animals.

Can the Employees at Home Depot Demand Documentation of Service Dogs?

The answer is no. Home Depot does not require documentation from customers with service dogs.

However, it’s best to have your dog wear a vest or service dog tag so that everyone can be aware of your rights as a disabled person and how to properly interact with you and your dog.

Why Do People Want to Bring Their Dogs to Home Depot?

The answer is simple: people want to bring their dogs with them when they shop because they love their dogs and don’t want to leave them home alone. Some people even believe that bringing their pets along makes shopping easier, because the dog can help them find what they need.

There are also some who argue that leaving a dog at home is cruel and causes it to suffer from separation anxiety. These people believe that bringing your pet on an outing is better for both of you—you get some company while you’re out and about, and your dog gets the opportunity to stretch its legs outside the house.

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot During Coronavirus?

No, dogs are not allowed in Home Depot during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Home Depot is one of many retailers that has instituted a ban on dogs. Many retailers have decided to keep their stores dog-free in order to prevent the spread of the virus to customers and employees alike. The ban also applies to any animals other than service animals, such as guide dogs or therapy dogs.

Are Small Dogs Allowed in Home Depot?

No, they are not.

Home Depot has a strict no-pet policy that applies to both small and large dogs. Dogs of all sizes are not allowed in any Home Depot store—whether they’re leashed or not.

According to the company’s policy, “For the safety and comfort of all our customers, we do not allow pets (except service animals) on Home Depot premises.”

What Stores are Dogs Allowed in?

Popular Stores That Don’t Allow Dogs


As of 2023, dogs are not allowed in Home Depot. While this is a bummer for dog lovers, it’s actually for the best. Besides the fact that Home Depot customers can’t bring their four-legged friends on shopping trips, there’s also the fact that dogs can spread diseases. Additionally, some people are allergic to dogs and others might be scared of them—so it only makes sense for Home Depot to adopt policies that keep everyone safe and happy!

However, there are exceptions: Six types of service dogs are allowed in Home Depot (guide dogs, medical alert and assist dogs, psychiatric service dogs, hearing dogs, seizure alert and response dogs and severe allergy alert dogs). These dogs are trained to help their owners with specific tasks related to their disabilities. If you have one of these service animals with you at Home Depot but it isn’t wearing its vest or harness or identification tag (or if your dog isn’t wearing a vest or harness), please ask someone working at the store if they’re able to help you find a manager so they can verify your dog’s status as a service animal.

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