Are Dogs Allowed In Lowes?

Dogs are not allowed in Lowe’s stores. This policy is in place to ensure the safety of both customers and employees, as well as to protect the merchandise from damage. Service dogs are the only exception to this rule.

So, if you plan on bringing your dog with you on your next trip to Lowes, it’s best to call ahead and ask about their specific policy.

Why Aren’t Dogs Allowed in Lowes?

Well, it turns out that it’s not just because of the fear of dogs messing up the flooring. There are actually several reasons for this rule, and they all make sense when you think about it.

First of all, dog owners often don’t realize that their dogs are upset or uncomfortable when they’re inside of a store like Lowes. When your dog is scared, they might bark or even bite another customer! That’s why we ask that you keep your pets at home while shopping with us—for everyone’s safety.

Another reason is that some dogs have very sensitive skin and can be allergic to the chemicals used on our floors and furniture. If your dog has allergies, then it’s best to keep them out of stores like Lowes as well.

Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes California?

Yes, but only if they’re service animals. It’s a federal law that all businesses must abide by.

Are Small Dogs Allowed in Lowe’s?

No, Lowe’s does not allow small dogs in their stores. They have a no-pets policy that includes all locations

The reason for this policy is that they want to keep their customers safe from any potential injuries or illnesses that could be spread by the animals.

Can Dogs Walk around Lowes?

Dogs are not allowed to walk around Lowe’s. It’s just not safe for them—and it’s not safe for our customers or employees either. Here’s what they say:

”While we love dogs, we don’t want them running around in our stores or on the grounds. This is because dogs can be unpredictable and they could potentially hurt themselves or other people by running off or getting into something dangerous. We know that you wouldn’t want your dog to get hurt either, so please keep them at home while you’re shopping here with us”.

Why Do People Want to Bring Their Dogs to Lowes?

There are many reasons why people want to bring their dogs to Lowes.

-Some people don’t enjoy leaving their pets at home.

-Some dogs suffer separation anxiety when owners leave them at home.

-Some people believe their dogs make shopping easy because they help keep them calm and focused on one task—shopping (and not eating treats).

What to Do If You Accidentally Bring Your Dog with You to Lowes?

If you’ve accidentally brought your dog with you to Lowes, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to make sure everyone stays safe and happy.

First, take your dog to the front of the Lowes and ask an employee at Lowes if they can watch him while you do some shopping. This way, he’s not roaming around and getting into trouble, or bothering other customers or employees. If they say no, simply go back home and leave him there next time before going to Lowes.

Can You Bring Your Dog to Work at Lowes?

You can’t bring your dog to work at Lowes.

Lowes does not allow any animals to be brought into their stores or warehouses, and this includes dogs. The only exception is for service animals that are trained to help people with disabilities.

What If My Service Dog Poops in Lowes?

If your service dog poops in Lowes, you will need to clean it up. You can either use a bag and pick it up or you can use a hose and spray it away. If you choose to use a hose, make sure that the water pressure is not too high, as this could hurt your dog.

What Stores Allow Dogs?

What Stores Don’t Allow Dogs?


As of 2023, dogs are not allowed in Lowes because of health and security reasons. However, the only exception is service dogs. Six types of service dogs are allowed. Guide Dogs, Medical Alert and Assist Dogs, Psychiatric Services Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Seizure Alert and Response Dogs and Severe Allergy Alert Dogs.

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