Samoyed Dog Price In The Philippines [Updated April 2023]

Samoyeds are one of the more expensive dog breeds available in Philippines. They are also very hard to find because most owners of this breed don’t let their dogs be bred. They keep their dogs for themselves and don’t sell them to other people.

We do not recommend the Samoyed for first-time dog owners or people who cannot provide this dog with the attention and exercise that it needs. If you have never owned a dog before, it is best to start with a more docile breed like the Pomeranian. However, if you already decided and want to know the samoyed dog price in Philippines, we’ve answered it below.

How much is a samoyed dog price in Philippines?

The Samoyed breed of dog is not so popular in the Philippines, so it is uncommon to see them for sale in pet stores. However, they can be found online and typically cost between 50,000-75,000 pesos.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Samoyed dog in the Philippines

The price of a Samoyed puppy varies and is determined by several factors such as gender, pedigree, lineage, breeder experience, dog size, and coat color. Other factors that influence the cost of Samoyed puppies are the inclusion of the sales package and location of breeders.

Size–Samoyed puppies also come in different sizes: standard and mini. The standard puppies are more expensive because they can grow into full-sized adult Samoyeds while the mini ones are smaller and are considered as toy Samoyeds.

Gender–Female Samoyeds are more expensive than male dogs because they are more valued by breeders as we can use them in breeding programs. Male dogs are cheaper.

Color–The colors of a Samoyed puppy also affect its price. Those with pure white fur coats are more expensive than creamy and biscuit white because they have better coloring and conform better to the breed standard for Samoyeds.

Pedigree – Dogs with pedigrees usually have registration papers that prove its purebred status. These documents show that their parents and grandparents are also purebreds and are recorded in a stud book. A pedigree usually costs more as documents back it up and can be traced back to its ancestors.

Lineage–A Samoyed puppy’s lineage determines its cost because this describes how far back its ancestors can be traced back to its original breed type. Puppies from dogs that come from a long line of purebreds have better health conditions than those whose ancestors have mixed bloodlines or those whose parents have unknown lineage. The closer the puppy is to its original breed type, the higher its price.

Show potential–If the breeder has shown any of his or her Samoyeds at dog shows before and won major awards, then they are more likely to command higher prices than those who have not been shown at all. This is because every win suggests that they have better breeding characteristics than other dogs in their age group and gender category. They could also command high prices if they are related to show champions in their lineages.

Breeder–A breeder’s reputation affects their selling prices because they have established themselves as experts in raising Samoyeds and producing healthy puppies, so buyers will pay extra for these puppies.

Location–The location of the breeder or seller determines the price of a dog because it’s an indicator of how much they spend on maintaining the dog. A breeder or seller who lives in an urban area where expenses are high will have to increase their selling price to make up for their expenses. This is unlike breeders and sellers living in rural areas where expenses are comparatively low so they can offer cheaper prices for their puppies.

What to look for before buying a Samoyed dog in the Philippines?

There are a lot of considerations to consider before buying a samoyed pup ijn the Philippines. You need to know how much you can spend on one, the dog’s needs, and how long you intend to care for your canine friend.

If you think you can provide for all its needs, then you can set out in search of a puppy. To help you decide what breed is best for you, here are some things that you need to consider:

1. Budget. Owning a dog isn’t cheap. You need to budget for its monthly food supply, grooming needs and regular trips to the vet. A good rule of thumb when purchasing a puppy is to set aside an amount equal to double the cost of the animal itself, which will be used for dog food and other supplies within the first year of ownership. This will serve as your contingency fund in case something happens, such as accidents or illness.

2. Time commitment. A dog is a tremendous responsibility that takes up a lot of time and effort, especially in the first two years of training, so you need to be ready with that kind of commitment if you’re going to get one. The rule is to spend at least one hour a day with your dog for walks and playtime, plus an additional 30 minutes for grooming and feeding. If you think you’re too busy for this, then maybe it’s best not to get one just yet — unless you have someone who can take care of your pet for you during those periods when you can’t do it yourself.

3. Your living space. Dogs require enough space to run around. If you live in an apartment or condo unit with limited space, take this into consideration before buying a puppy because larger dogs may not do well in cramped areas where they have limited room for exercise every day. Some breeds are better suited to apartments than others.

4. Health history. Puppies usually carry their parents’ genes, so it’s important to ask about their health history, including any ailments and hereditary conditions that may be passed on to the offspring.

5. Where to get it from? You can get Samoyed puppies from breeders, but if you want to adopt one, contact your local animal shelter or rescue group first so you can help save a life instead of spreading the demand for these animals from questionable sources. Be wary of pet shops and online sellers offering teacup breeds of puppies that are too young (usually less than eight weeks old) since they might have been taken away from their mothers before weaning, which could cause health problems.

Where to buy a Samoyed dog in the Philippines?

For those who love dogs, there are several places where dog lovers can buy breeds of different dogs. If you want to buy a Samoyed dog in the Philippines, you may go to any of these places:

1. Petshop

From Pet shops, you can find different breeds of dogs and other pets. There are pet shops that would have specific breeds of dog like the Samoyed breed. But not all pet shops have this breed, so it is best to call beforehand if they have such a breed available.

The cost of buying a Samoyed puppy from a pet shop would vary depending on the place. Some pet shops might sell it at a cheaper price, while others would sell it at a much higher price than the usual cost. Before purchasing from any pet shop, make sure that you will check around to find out which pet shop offers the best deal for the breed that you want to buy.

You may also check out some pet shops online if they offer shipping services for their puppies. Usually, they will deliver your chosen puppy at your place, but you need to pay extra for the shipping fee and other expenses that will be incurred in relation to the delivery service.

2. Breeders

If you know anyone who breeds Samoyeds, it would be better to ask them first because they might have some puppies available. In addition, if you go directly to breeders, you can make sure that the dog you’ll get is purebred. The downside of buying from breeders is that you might pay higher for their dogs as compared to those in local pet shops.

3. Rescue center

There are plenty of pet lovers out there who would like to take care of dogs and other pets that were abandoned by their previous owners. They are willing to provide a loving home for these pets so they will not be euthanized or put on the street. If you want to adopt a Samoyed, then you can check out some dog rescue centers online.

These rescue centers will help you find the right Samoyed puppy for you, especially if you have certain specifications regarding the breed that you would like to adopt. You just need to search for them online and fill out an application form so they can start searching for a puppy that would match your criteria. But before going through with this adoption process, make sure that you will not just settle for the first one that comes up on your search engine results list, because sometimes there might be puppies that are just being sold at higher prices than the other ones. Instead, try to look around and see how much it would cost if you would adopt a Samoyed puppy from a particular rescue center. This way, you will find out if they charge reasonable prices or not.

Is Samoyed the cutest dog?

Well, that’s a matter of personal preference. But one thing’s for sure: it’s definitely one of the cutest dogs out there. Personally, my favorite is the Red Cantonese Bear Dog. It has its own controversies surrounding it; some people say it doesn’t exist, while others have claimed it’s existence.

Is the Samoyed dog worth it?

I have a purebred Samoyed and that’s the only dog I would ever have. They are worth every penny, every cent, and every second you spend with them. They are so beautiful and loving. They are very intelligent dogs as well and will remember everything from training to tricks to their routines at home.

They love people, even strangers and other dogs. They’re also very independent and are not needy for attention. My Samoyed is happy to be with me all the time, but she’s also happy for herself. She has a unique personality that differs from any other dog I’ve met or seen before, and she’s definitely one of the best things in my life right now.

I highly recommend this breed. Just remember that they are a very high maintenance breed so they will require tons of grooming (not to mention they shed A LOT)… If you don’t mind having your house covered in fur or constantly grooming them or going to the salon frequently then this breed is perfect for you.


A Samoyed puppy in the Philippines can cost 50,000-75,000 pesos on average. The price can vary depending on the breeder, size of dog and the location.

The cheapest one I’ve seen was ₱50,000 from a foreigner who needed to sell it because she was leaving the country. The most expensive one I’ve seen was ₱150,000 from another foreigner.

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