How To Name A Turtle? (50 Unique Ideas)

Let’s face it: naming a turtle isn’t a simple task. You need something that is going to fit your new friend, but also something that isn’t too common or anything. It’s no straightforward task, but there are many ideas you could use to find the perfect name. In this post, I’ll be adding some of my own ideas and giving you a few more.

Why is naming important to turtles?

Identification: The most obvious function of a name is identification. Turtles keep the memory of their name and associate it with the owner’s voice. This makes it easy to locate the turtle if he or she roams off or gets lost, and it makes training your turtle more effective. You can call a turtle that knows his name back whenever needed, even when you are standing some distance away. Some turtles will come when they hear their name whispered, even if they are asleep in a different room.

Source of bonding and affection: A pet turtle’s name also serves as a source of bonding and affection between you and your pet. Think of all the times you have talked to your turtle and praised him for being such a sweetie pie or for how handsome he is. Once he learns his name, he will come to associate his name with affection from you. If you do not know what to say or how to communicate with your pet turtle, just call his or her name out loud and see how they respond. A good pet turtle will usually either look at you until eye contact is made or come to see what is going on (if he isn’t already watching you).

Ease of training: A pet turtle’s name is also a great way to teach your pet commands. If you have to repeat commands repeatedly, a pet turtle’s name is the best way to do that. You can call your turtle by his or her name and reward him with a treat for every time he responds. This will help you train your pet faster than if you had to use hand signals or voice commands.

Social media attention: Many people like to share pictures of their pets and post on multiple platforms about what they are doing or how they are feeling. If your pet has an appropriate name, they can easily identify with, they are more likely to get attention from others, which may include potential adopters.

How to choose a good name for your pet turtle?

When you get a turtle, it is important to think about its name. Here are some tips to help you choose a good name for your new pet turtle.

  1. Don’t pick a name that is enormous and complicated. Turtles are really slow and they might not understand the whole name. In fact, turtles can only hear every other word of what you’re saying. For example, if you say “good boy” they will only hear “boy.”
  2. Think about what you want your turtle’s name to be. Do you want something that is easy to pronounce? Or do you want something that is cool, like Ninja Turtle?
  3. Think of a nickname for him or her. This is helpful if your turtle becomes well known in school or at the park, so people know what they call him or her without having to look at his or her tag.
  4. When choosing a name, don’t use any of the following words: no, not, run, scared or bad. You don’t want your turtle to be afraid or upset when it hears those words. If your turtle gets scared, they might stop listening and then won’t understand when you’re trying to tell them something important like “sit” or “come here.”
  5. When picking the right name for your turtle, make sure you tell them what you want them to do before you give them a command. For example, instead of saying “no bite,” say “bite.”
  6. Choose a name that is easy for others to remember as well. This way, others in the family can learn how to correctly speak the name too.
  7. Look at other pets’ names in your family. If your family already has hamsters and cats, don’t choose the same animal for your turtle’s name, unless he or she is a hamster or cat, too!

Funny, cool and cute boy turtle’s name

I had a turtle growing up, and I remember that there were many options for boy turtle names. Some of the best ones were:

Bruce: Bruce is an outstanding name for a male turtle because it’s related to the movie Finding Nemo, where all the fish called him Bruce because he was a splendid swimmer and that’s what his father named him. It’s also great if you want to go with a celebrity theme, so this would work well if you have any other pets or family members who are celebrities.

Bebop: This is an outstanding name for a male turtle, because he will bop everywhere throughout his entire life. It’s also a noble name for a rockstar turtle.

Smokey: We consider this being a cool name for turtles. This can be easy to pronounce and has a pleasant sound. It was originally used for dogs but has also been used by many other animals.

Buddy: This is a fun name that will make your pet feel like he is part of the family. This can be an excellent choice for pets that belong in the family or those that you would like to help become part of the family.

Fishy: This is an adorable choice that will work well with a fishbowl or some other aquatic theme. Fishy is also very cute and funny.

Casper: After the friendly ghost from the cartoon

Jack-Jack: After the superhero from the cartoon

Tadpoles: Because he was always flicking his tongue out as if he was tasting something

Furry: Because we used to pet him all the time

Duck: Because he was always swimming around the tank and looked like a duck

Bubbles: Because he was always floating around the tank and looked like a bubble

Abbot: This is a cool name for a pet turtle.

Aldo: Aldo is the perfect name for an old, stubborn turtle. If you have a turtle that doesn’t like to move around, this is the perfect name for him.

Angus: Angus is a brilliant choice for a big boy turtle. If you have a big black turtle with a lot of attitude, Angus is the best option for you.

Archie: Archie is an adorable name for any kind of turtle. This name is great if you have a younger turtle that is always active and on the go.

Arnold: Arnold is the best choice for turtles that love to swim around in the water all day long.

Artie: Artie is an adorable option for any kind of pet turtle. If your turtle has bright colors and loves to swim around all day long, this might be the perfect option for you!

Baxter: Baxter is a great option for turtles that love to hang out in their shells all day long. This will definitely make them feel secure in their environment.

Turtle Man: The name says it all in this one.

Turtle Jones: A classic boy turtle’s name.

Big Turtle: This is a good name for a big boy turtle.

Snappy Turtle: Another one of the best boy turtle names.

Thelma Turtle: This is a good girl turtle’s name.

Blinky Turtle: A funny sounding boy turtle’s name.

Clyde Turtle: A cute boy turtle’s name that sounds like an old cartoon character’s name.

Bubba Turtle: A manly sounding male pet turtle’s name.

Herman: This name has German origins. It is derived from the Old High German word hermin, which means “army”. Pete is another variation of this name, which also means “army”.

Tank: What better name than this one if you have a male turtle? This is an appropriate name, because tanks are tough!

Spike: This is another appropriate name for a male turtle as well. In fact, turtles have spikes on their shells, and some even have spiky tails!

Spot: Who does not know of Snoopy’s friend, the dog with spots on his fur? If you want to call your friend Spot, then pick this cool name!

Cody: If you want to give your turtle a strong-sounding name, then we recommend Cody. It gives off a masculine vibe, and it will certainly sound like a powerful man’s name!

Chipper: There is something about this name that just makes our hearts warm up! We love its sound and how it sounds in our ears!

Goliath: Do you have an enormous turtle? Goliath can be a perfect fit!

Bing: A good name if your turtle is yellow because it makes it seem like it’s always smiling.

Blaze: A good name if your turtle is red because it makes it seem like it’s always angry.

Chillax: A good name for your laid back turtle.

Climber: If your pet’s the kind that likes to climb on things.

Coolio: A good name if your turtle has many tattoos and wears crazy clothes.

Dinksy: A good name for a food-loving turtle that also enjoys long walks on the beach in the moonlight with a pretty girl or guy.

Dude: An excellent name for an awesome turtle that likes to party all night long but sleeps all day long too.

Moby: The turtle called Moby is a male pet that loves to roam about in its tank. It is also very active and loves swimming in its tank. You can choose this name for your pet if you want it to be lively as well.

Funny, cute and cool girl turtle’s name

I had a turtle growing up, and I remember that there were many options for girl turtle names. Some of the best ones were:

Dolly: After the doll from Dolly Parton’s song “9 to 5” (I think she was talking about her mother)

Mae: After my mom’s middle name (she was named after my grandmother)

Bubbles: Because she was always floating around the tank and looked like a bubble (this is also what my daughter calls her)

April: After my sister’s name, what my daughter calls her.

Florence: This was the name of a famous female turtle that lived at the Central Park Zoo in New York City during the late 1900s. Her name was Florence after Florence Nightingale and she weighed over 70 pounds!

Abigail: Means “Father rejoices” in Hebrew. This turtle will make your father happy and will also bring him luck.

Akira: Japanese name meaning “bright” or “clear.” This pet turtle will bring happiness into your life and clear up your mind.

Alice: Means “noble.” This female turtle will make you noble and graceful.

Allie: Means “close friend.” This pet turtle will become your best friend and will stay with you forever!

Amelia: Meaning, full of merit, this little turtle will bring out your best qualities.

Annabelle: Means “graceful” in French. This female turtle will gracefully move around the house and make sure everyone is happy!

Avery: Meaning “falcon.” This pet Turtle will make your home lively with her active personality!

Ladybug: Ladybugs are known for their vibrant colors and this name fits right in with that trend! The unique spelling makes it stand out.

Betsy: This name can have two origins, English or French. In the English version it comes from the nickname Bett meaning “sweetheart”. In the French version it comes from the nickname Bete meaning “beast”.

Bonnie: This Scottish name has several origins, one being that it derives from the Latin word bonum, which means good. Another possible origin is that it comes from the Irish Gaelic word bun, meaning fair-haired.

Sophie: The origin of this French name is disputed but most likely comes from a shortening of Sophia meaning wisdom.

Abigail: This name is Hebrew and means “my father’s joy” or “father’s joy” (although it is often used as a feminine form of the male name Abijah).

Trixie: This name is thought to derive from a combination of the Greek words for three (tri) and eyes (ixi). It’s often used as a nickname for Theodosia.

Agatha: This is a beautiful name which means “good”. It is also a good choice if you are looking for something short or sweet. You can shorten it to Gatha as well.

Alice: As a name, this means “noble”. It is also used in many stories about adventure and fantasy as the central character’s name.

Anna: This is an adorable name meaning gracefulness and kindness. It sounds very cute and will go well with any pet turtle no matter what its species may be.

Aria: This variation of Latin origin means “open meadow”. If you want something soothing and peaceful, then this is a great option.

Amber: Amber is a rare name for turtles and is also a gemstone. It’s derived from the Latin word “Amyra” meaning “shining light”. If you want your turtle to shine, this is the perfect name for her.

Guppy: This is a female turtle that is vivacious and active. This is a very cute name for your pet turtle.

Suzie: The female turtle called Suzie has big eyes and an attractive appearance. This name is cute and attractive as well, so consider choosing it if you want your pet turtle to be attractive too.


There you have it! We hope that you have enjoyed our list of the top turtle names! If you have any ideas for a name, please leave it in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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