How To Name Your Guinea Pigs (50 Unique Name Ideas)

How to name your guinea pigs is a topic which I have been wanting to speak about for some time. I have dedicated the time to do so and have created this comprehensive post on Guinea Pig Names. The post considers several factors for you to pick the perfect name for your guinea pig. From factors such as prevailing and trendy pet names, words that rhyme and sound good, inclusions of the word ‘pig’ and more, I hope you appreciate the contents.

Why is it important to name your guinea pigs?

Rabbit names are important for several reasons:

Identification: It can be difficult for the average person to distinguish between two guinea pigs in a cage without looking at their tags or noticing other distinguishing features about them. Naming the individual personalities of these pets will make them easier for you to tell apart when picking up or placing them in their cage.

Bonding: Guinea pigs are social creatures and enjoy being around other guinea pigs and humans. They can get very attached to their owner and if they are a male guinea pig, some may even show signs of aggression towards other males that come into your home. So naming your pet guinea pig will help him become less aggressive and more attached to you.

Social Media: Naming your guinea pigs can also help you share their stories on social media. Arguably the most popular social media platform for pets, Instagram is an important part of marketing for any business that sells pets or pet-related merchandise. Guinea pigs are especially popular on this platform, which can help increase sales for your business.

When you are taking pictures of your piggy, don’t just say “guinea pig”. Say its name too! Not only does this make it easier for people to find your picture online, but when someone clicks on the photo, they’ll see your comment and your username, which means you can get more followers on Instagram or Facebook.

Ease of training: You will train your pet easier if you name him because once he learns his name, he will be more likely to listen and respond when he is called for. Training and memory are both important factors for owning animals. Name your guinea pigs so that you can consistently keep track of them and properly train them as they grow up into adulthood.

Creating memory: Well, naming your guinea pigs can help you create some sort of memory in case you pass them away or something happens to them. It’s pretty sad that one day you have someone that you love and adore at home with you and then the next moment they’re gone forever, but naming your guinea pig can help you remember all the great times you had with it. Also, naming it something creative can be super fun and make it special.

How to name your pet guinea pigs?

Naming your guinea pigs can be an arduous task. There are many factors to consider; do you name them after people or places in your life? Do you name them after fruit or vegetables? Or do you just go with a simple, normal name? Whatever you choose, you want it to be original and something that will fit your pair of piggies.

When naming your guinea pigs, it is important to realize that they will respond best to names that are like their own sounds. So if you have two male guinea pigs, and one of them has a certain sound he makes all the time, then his name would be something like what he sounds like (coughing, sneezing, wheezing, etc.).

Here are some helpful tips on how to name your pet guinea pigs:

1. Research names online. You can find a whole range of names from the Internet, but don’t just choose the first one you see.

2. Consider your pet’s gender. The name you choose should be gender specific, so will you have a male or female guinea pig?

3. Choose a name that fits their personality. If your guinea pig is very playful and keen to explore, a lively name like Scampi might be better than a more gentle one such as Snowdrop.

4. Make sure that the name isn’t too long or hard to say. Some people choose two word names instead of one-word ones because they think it will be easier for their pets to remember! However, this is not always the case and it could be easier for your pet to respond to one-word names such as Darcy or Snuggles instead of Darcie or Snugglesy.

5. Consider using its color in its name. If your guinea pig has a specific color pattern, such as white and brown spots or black spots, use those colors in the pet’s name. This way it will be easy for people to refer to your pet by name!

6. Choose a unique name that is not similar to another guinea pig’s name. When you have over one guinea pig in the same environment, they will get confused and might fight among themselves since they can’t discern who is who. Therefore, it is important to give them different names.

Male guinea pigs’ names

Guinea pigs are furry and little animals, don’t forget that when you name your male guinea pig. The thing is that males are more aggressive than females, and picking the right name for your male guinea pig is not a simple task.

Types of names:

1. Real Life Names- can be perfect for your male guinea pig if he has a particular personality trait that you want to call attention to. For example, if he’s running around a lot, you can call him Speedy, or if he’s chubby, you can call him Chunk.

2. Fictional Character Names– This is a good choice if you want to make the cute pet name sound serious. For example, calling him Harry Potter might not make sense at first, but it can work if you’re trying to make your pet feel like he’s just as important as in the book and movie series.

3. Nature Names–this is also a good choice, especially if you’re looking for something masculine and serious since nature names always have a strong feel to them. You can pick names like Bear, Hawk or Tiger.

4. Color Names–another good option that will get any man excited about his new nickname is to choose a color name such as red, blue or yellow.

5. Bizarre Names– this is a good choice if you want your pet to feel special or if you are a fan of the weird and unusual names. You can choose names like Moggie, Dork, Beary, Fluffy, Ollie and Whiskers.

6. Sound Names– there are plenty of funny sounds to choose from such as Googly Eyes, Heavy Metal and Grr!

Female guinea pigs’ names

Here is a list of cute, funny and memorable female guinea pig names to help you find a good one for your pet. A female guinea pig’s name should be cute, catchy and easy to pronounce, because she is going to be with you all the time.

Cute Female Guinea Pig Names

1. Abigail: A guinea pig named after Abigail Adams.

2. Alice: After Alice in wonderland.

3. Amelia: After the little girl in the movie ‘The Princess Diaries’.

4. Angel: A beautiful little angel who will keep you company when you are alone at home.

5. Apple: She is sweet as an apple and will make sure that you have peace of mind always.

6. Arwen: In Lord of the Rings, Arwen was the wife of Aragorn and daughter of Elrond, who was unwillingly married to him.

7. Beatrix: After Beatrix Potter, who wrote ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’.

8. Bonnie Blue: A breed name used for American guinea pigs which means pretty as a bluebonnet flower which has pretty flowers on it that are blue and pink and this guinea pig too would look pretty on you.

9. Buffy: After the character ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. The character was a teenaged girl who was a vampire slayer.

10. Bunny: A cute name that will suit her very well and will be a pleasant companion for you.

11. Candace: A cute name that is suitable for a little girl who would love to be called this name because it means ‘daughter of Candace.

12. Cassie: The name Cassie means ‘little cassia’ which is the same as the guinea pig’s name and it also means sweet, lovely and beautiful which suits her very well because she is going to be with you all the time so she should be sweet and lovely.

13. Chico: A name that means small buddy or little buddy and it is also a name for a male guinea pig, which means the same thing.

14. Chloe: This cute name is perfect for her because it is the French word ‘chloé’ and means beautiful, which suits her very well because she is going to be with you all the time, so she should be lovely and charming.

15. Daisy: After the character ‘Daisy Duck’. The character was a girl who was always on a mission to save her father’s company from bankruptcy. She had a lot of adventures and helped people in need and was a good friend. This is a perfect name for her because she has a lot of adventures and it suits her very well.

16. Fae: It is a name that means fairy and it is also the name of a female guinea pig and is the name of an angel in Celtic mythology who was said to have magical powers which are like those of fairies. This is a perfect name for her because she is going to be with you all the time, so she should be magical as well as charming.

17. Glory: The name Glory means ‘the glory’, which makes sense because this little girl would be your pride and joy, so everyone around you should admire her.

18. Honey: The name Honey means ‘honey’. The name is a perfect match for her because she will be sweet and sweet to you.

19. Holly: The name Holly means ‘holly’, which is an evergreen shrub which is like the plant known as holly in English. This would be a perfect name for her because she will be a little evergreen tree of joy in your life.

20. Jewel: The name Jewel means ‘jewel’, which is a very fitting name for this little girl because she will be your shining diamond in the rough.

Do guinea pigs know their name?

Yes! Guinea pigs can certainly know their name and respond to their name with the help of some training, along with consistency and perseverance. In fact, they respond better to their proper name rather than a nickname.

It is important to get them to use their names early on. Once they have been correctly named and trained to come when called, you can use their name as an additional tool for getting them to do something. For example, if they are not using the litter box properly, then you could call them by their name in a stern tone of voice while picking up the guinea pig and taking him or her directly to the litter box. You should also make sure that you are consistent with your naming of your pets so that they learn what their name is and how it should be used.

By constantly repeating their name with something that your guinea pig loves, like fresh food or a treat, will reinforce your pet’s love for its name. When you are giving them a treat, always follow up by saying their name as well. It is also important to keep in mind that repetition is key! It can take some time for your pet guinea pig to associate his/her name with you.

How did guinea pigs get their name?

The guinea pig, also known as cavies, originated in the Andes mountain range of Peru and is not pigs, but rodents. They were first domesticated by the Incans, who called them “cuy”. The term “guinea pig” comes from the fact that they were often transported to Europe via ship routes that went through West Africa. Because they were originally obtained in South America for a price of one guinea each, they became known as Guinea Pigs.

The guinea pig’s scientific name “Cavia porcellus” means “little pig”. They are a member of the Caviidae family and are related to chinchillas and the capybara. Guinea pigs are herbivores and their diet consists mainly of grass hay (alfalfa), leafy greens (such as dandelion or kale), fruits and vegetables. They also require water daily.


Hopefully, we’ve been able to provide you with a helpful and informative “Ultimate Guide” for how to name your guinea pigs. With above information in mind, you should now be able to come up with vet friendly, easy to spell and pronounce, relatable names for your new piggy pals!

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