Can Dogs Eat Muscadines? No, Here’s Why

can dogs eat muscadines? No, do not feed your dog muscadines

Muscadines are a grape species native to the southeastern United States. They are used to making wine and jam, but also eaten raw. Muscadines have more antioxidants than other types of grapes and may be beneficial for humans in some ways, but this does not mean they are good for …

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How Much Is A Corgi Puppy In California?

corgi price california

In the last post, we discussed corgi price Philippines. Here we will discuss the corgi price in the California. The cost of a Corgi puppy in California will be anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000 on average. These puppies will be purebred, but they might not have the papers to prove …

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How Long Do Border Collie Mixes Live?

how long do border collie mixes live

Is your Border Collie-mix older? Like many dog owners, you might wonder about the life expectancy of your senior pet. Simply put, all dogs are individuals and age at different rates. However, there are some general guidelines for how long these dogs live. Border Collie Mixes have a life expectancy …

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Are Belgian Malinois Dogs Dangerous?

malinois dangerous

It surprised people to know that the Belgian Malinois is a herding dog, like the German shepherd. However, they are quite different in structure and temperament. Not only are they smaller than the German shepherd, they also have an entirely unique nature. They are highly intelligent, which helps them excel …

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Akita Dog Price In The Philippines [Updated April 2023]

akta dog price philippines

The average price of an Akita Dog in the Philippines is ₱20,000. The initial cost of a Doberman puppy is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll need to spend on food, grooming, training and veterinary care. So, you must be ready to spend an additional ₱8,000 yearly for your …

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Samoyed Dog Price In The Philippines [Updated April 2023]

samoyed dog price philippines

Samoyeds are one of the more expensive dog breeds available in Philippines. They are also very hard to find because most owners of this breed don’t let their dogs be bred. They keep their dogs for themselves and don’t sell them to other people. We do not recommend the Samoyed …

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Doberman Dog Price In The Philippines [Updated April 2023]

doberman price phillippines

If you’re looking for a Doberman puppy, you probably know that this is one of the most expensive dog breeds. Adopting a Doberman from a rescue organization or shelter is always less expensive than buying from a breeder, but the cost can still be significant. Many people consider adopting an …

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Top 10 Basic Dog Training Commands

dog training basic commands

Basic dog training commands are the building blocks of successful training. While there are many dog training commands, including “sit,” “stay,” “down,” and even “roll over,” most obedience training programs start with just a few commands that are essential for every household dog to know. A combination of simple and …

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How to Use Positive Reinforcement to Train Your Dog

positive reinforcement dog training

You want to train your dog, but whether you’re training a rescue or a puppy, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Positive reinforcement is an excellent technique you can use not only to teach your dog a wide range of behaviors including how to walk on a leash better, …

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How To Potty Train Your Dog?

potty training a dog

Potty training a dog can be difficult, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your pet. Accidents and messes not only make your home smell awful, but they can also lead to some major health problems. If you want to teach your pup how to use …

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