Does Bleach Kill Lizards? Yes, But Here’s A Critical Info

Bleach is a powerful solution that can effectively kill lizards. This is because bleach contains corrosive chemicals that can burn the skin of lizards when it comes into direct contact with them. Not only does bleach kill adult lizards, but it also ensures that any eggs that may be present are eliminated as well. This makes bleach a highly effective solution for getting rid of lizards in your home or garden. However, it’s important to note that using bleach can be dangerous for both lizards and humans, so it should be handled with care and used in a well-ventilated area. Additionally, it’s important to be aware that bleach can also harm other plants and animals in the environment, so it should be used sparingly and with caution.

Lizard Infestations

House lizards can be difficult to eradicate, as they often live within the walls of structures. Females lay eggs in clutches of 20 to 40 in small crevices or under objects on the floor. The eggs take approximately two months to hatch and the new lizards reach sexual maturity in three months. Being cold-blooded, they spend much of their time lying in the sun to stay warm. In warm climates, house lizards may breed year-round and can live for up to five years.

How does bleach kill lizards?

When you spray bleach on a lizard, it contacts the mucous membrane of their mouth and their eyes. It is very acidic, so it causes severe tissue damage. The eyes swell so much they can no longer see. This makes them unable to run away.

The bleach also ends up in their lungs, because they breathe through their skin, the same way we breathe through our mouths and noses. Bleaching the lungs causes severe respiratory distress, similar to putting bleach in your own lungs.

Some lizards are more sensitive to bleach than others. The ones most sensitive are the ones most likely to be in your house where bleach is used as a cleaning agent.

Bleach can kill or seriously injure people too. If you have young kids who like to put things in their mouths, you are probably already aware of this fact.

Does bleach kill geckos?

The answer is probably yes. Bleach and other strong cleaning chemicals, including Lysol, Pine-Sol and Spic-n-Span, can be toxic to these cute little geckos. In fact, any cleaner that contains pine scent or phenols is hazardous to a gecko.

The reason these cleaners are so bad for geckos is because they contain harmful chemicals that can kill them if ingested or inhaled. Even if you don’t spray them directly onto your gecko, the strong fumes emitted by these cleaners can still damage their delicate respiratory systems—and even kill them!

So what should you do instead? Use products designed specifically for cleaning reptiles instead of household cleaners. The safest option is one that uses enzymes rather than chemicals because they break down organic matter naturally with no harmful side effects on your pet lizard’s health.”

Is bleaching the best method to get rid of lizards?

It is not a good idea to use bleach in a home with lizards. Here’s why.

Insects are everywhere, and lizards feed on insects. You can’t really eradicate insects in the house or in the garden, so when you try to kill them by spraying bleach, they will run away and hide in safe places.

When they die, they decompose and turn into food for the soil microbes (beneficial bacteria, fungi etc.) and that food helps them grow and multiply. The more microbes you have in the soil, the healthier it is. Healthy soil grows healthy plants which are less susceptible to fungal infections/pest attack, etc.

Lizards need a place to hide from predators when they feel threatened. Like other animals, they too have an instinct for survival – their first reaction is to run and hide (in safe places) when they feel threatened by any external force – humans included.

They cannot do that if there are no safe places around. There’s only one way to get rid of lizards: completely remove all their hiding places! If you remove all their hiding places inside your home, they may come back again but not stay long because there is nothing left for them.

Other ways to get rid of lizards

Lizards are not harmful, but they can be a nuisance. They hunt for insects, which makes them valuable in the garden, but not everyone likes to see them around the house. If you want to get rid of lizards without hurting them, here are some tips for you:

1. Keep your house clean and dry

Lizards enter your home looking for food and shelter. If you keep your house clean and dry, there will be fewer insects in your home, which means fewer reasons for lizards to enter your home.

2. Use sticky lizard tapes

Sticky lizard tapes are made of glue and covered with shiny paper or other materials that attract lizards. They’re effective because lizards are curious creatures that are attracted by shiny things. Place these sticky traps near walls or other places where lizards frequent. The traps kill the lizards slowly and painfully so they should only be used as a last resort when there’s no other way to get rid of the pests.

3. Garlic spray works too

Garlic spray is one of the most effective ways to get rid of lizards naturally without hurting them. It’s easy to make homemade garlic spray with some fresh garlic cloves, water, and dish soap.

4. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck the lizard up

If you are quick enough, you can use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of lizards that have entered your home. Just make sure that you empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner outside so that you don’t kill the lizard by mistake.

5. Put a sticky glue board in areas where lizards frequently visit

Glue boards are effective in trapping mice and many insects like bees and ants so they work great for lizards too. Put these glue boards at places where you’ve seen lizards appear frequently or in areas with high human traffic as that’s where they hide. These boards will trap the lizard and prevent it from escaping after getting stuck on it.

6. Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass oil helps to repel lizards and keeps away the insects that they feed on. You can use lemongrass essential oil in natural products like insect repellent sprays or even in a diffuser to keep lizards at bay.

7. Peppermint oil

Lizards hate the smell of peppermint oil and it is one of the most effective ways to keep them away from your house. You can use peppermint oil in sprays or just place cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil at small entry points around your house.

8. Salt

You can sprinkle salt at the entrance of your house and on windowsills and other points where these reptiles enter your home. The salt is an effective natural lizard repellent and also kills these little creatures on contact.

9. Use electric repellent

If you’re looking for a permanent way to get rid of lizards from your house, try this method. This type of lizard repellent works by emitting an electric shock that is harmless to the lizard but enough for them to run away and stay away from your home. This helps deter lizards from entering your home and makes sure that they won’t come back again. While there are many types of electric repellents in the market, it is best to look for one that has a 12-hour timer so that it can be maximized.

10. Use bird feathers

If you have bird feathers laying around, you can use these to keep lizards away. All you need to do is place the feathers in areas where lizards would normally frequent, such as in your garden or on shelves where they can easily climb up on. The feathers trick the lizard into thinking that a predator bird is nearby and they will run away and stay away from the area.

11. Coffee powder

Coffee powder is also a good remedy to get rid of lizards. All you need to do is sprinkle some coffee powder on the areas where they visit frequently. The smell of coffee will eventually repel them and they will not enter the house anymore. In case you like coffee, do not worry as the coffee powder will not leave any bad odor. Just make sure that you do not mix coffee powder with anything else (like tobacco or salt) and use it directly.


Bleach is one of the most widely used and trusted cleaning agents around. It doesn’t just give your surfaces a thorough clean; it also kills germs, bacteria, and viruses. But what about lizards? Can bleach kill lizards?

There are different types of bleach. Some can kill lizards while others can’t. Bleach made with sodium hypochlorite has a powerful effect on lizards while hydrogen peroxide-based bleach doesn’t really have much effect.

If you want to get rid of those pesky lizards once and for all, then you should use bleach made with sodium hypochlorite.

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