Comfortis Killed My Cat?

comfortis killed my cat

When I searched online ”Comfortis killed my cat”, I encountered the following heart-breaking story in a feline forum. ”When I gave my cat Comfortis, I never thought it would be the last time I saw her alive. She was always such a healthy cat, and I had no reason to …

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Cerenia Killed My Cat?

cerenia killed my cat

When I searched online ”Cerenia killed my cat”, I encountered the following heart-breaking story in a forum. ”Cerenia killed my cat. I had to put her down after she started having seizures and losing control of her bowels. She was only four years old. Cerenia is a medication used to …

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Mirtazapine Killed My Cat?

mirtazapine killed my cat

Mirtazapine is an antidepressant drug that is used to treat depression and anxiety. It’s also used to treat sleep disorders, like insomnia and night terrors. However, some people have reported that their cats have died after taking mirtazapine. While it’s rare for a cat to die from the drug, it …

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Vetmedin Killed My Cat?

vetmedin killed my cat

When I searched online ”Vetmedin killed my cat”, I encountered the following heart-breaking story in a forum. ”I was heartbroken when my cat died. I had taken her to the vet for heart problems and she was given Vetmedin. The next day, she was dead. I can’t help but think …

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Why Does My Poop Smell Like Cat Poop?

why does my poop smell like cat poop

If you’re one of the millions of people who are plagued by the stench that comes from their toilet, you’re not alone. While there are many things that can cause your poop to smell like cat poop, it’s important to know where you stand so you can take action. Let’s …

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Why Do Cats Gag At Combs?

why do cats gag at combs

The reason that your cat is gagging at the sound of a comb is because your cat has very sensitive hearing. It’s likely that your cat can hear frequencies you can’t. It’s a combination of two factors: extreme sensitivity to sound and the unique frequency the comb creates. The odd, …

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What Age Is Ladybug And Cat Noir For?

What Age Is Ladybug And Cat Noir For

Okay, so I have a 7yo and a 4yo who watch this show, and they LOVE it. My 7yo is a huge fan of the comics and a budding artist, and my 5yo just loves to watch kids’ shows. They both love Miraculous, but I would definitely recommend this for …

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9 Things You Must Do Before Bringing A New Kitten

how to prepare for a new kitten

Congratulations, you’re getting a kitten! Before you buy that adorable little bundle of fur home, there are certain things you’ll need to do to prepare for your feline’s arrival. Follow these simple steps to make sure the transition from shelter to home is easy and carefree for everyone. Kitten-Proof Your …

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How to Kitten-Proof Your Home?

kitten proof house

Kittens are adorable, but they can also be destructive—so much so that their reputation for wrecking and eating everything in sight has become a cliché. However, many new kitten owners underestimate how destructive kittens can truly be. Before getting the new fuzz ball and taking your kitten home, here is …

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How to Crate Train Your Cat?

cat crate training

Crate training your cat is necessary and important for your cat’s health and safety. For the safety of you and your family, it makes sense to crate train your cat. You’ll be able to relax when you’re not home if you know your cat isn’t running around the house, causing …

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