What Age Is Ladybug And Cat Noir For?

Okay, so I have a 7yo and a 4yo who watch this show, and they LOVE it. My 7yo is a huge fan of the comics and a budding artist, and my 5yo just loves to watch kids’ shows. They both love Miraculous, but I would definitely recommend this for ages 7-15. There are some aspects that are darker than some shows (like the parents being absent in Marinette’s case). Plenty of shows have missing/unavailable parents, but I think this one is a bit more fleshed out in that regard (chasing down Hawk Moth, who has killed people in the past and wants to kill them now).

The other reason I say 7-15 is because there is some romance, though it’s very kid friendly. Adrien seems to like Marinette back (as Cat Noir), and Marinette likes him. But there are no kisses or anything more than holding hands, hugging and blushing.

What is Ladybug And Cat Noir?

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is a French CGI animated series created by Thomas Astruc and produced by Zagtoon and Method Animation. The series features two Parisian teenagers, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who transform into the superheroes of Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively, to protect the city from supervillains.

Ladybug is a teenage superheroine who has the power to create objects out of luck and purify any akumas (dark butterflies) with her magic Yo-Yo-like weapon called the Miraculous. She can only keep her powers for a limited time before she transforms back into Marinette.

Cat Noir is a teenage superhero who has the power to temporarily immobilize anyone he touches with his ring-shaped weapon called the Cataclysm, and other powers such as climbing walls and creating an energy shield. He can only keep his powers for a limited time before he transforms back into Adrien.

How old is the ladybug and cat noir?

The characters Ladybug and Cat Noir are from the same class and are 14 years old. We can see this in the episode Volpina, where Ladybug and Cat Noir are paired together for a project which suggests that they know each other from school.

In the episode The Puppeteer, Marinette mentions she is fourteen years old. Marinette, who is an alternate identity of Ladybug, is the same age as Alix Kubdel, who is also 14.

According to the Miraculous guide book, Cat Noir was 14 when fighting alongside Ladybug against Hawk Moth.

Is ladybug and cat noir a kid show?

Yes, Miraculous Ladybug is a show aimed at children, but at any age you can watch it. Children like watching cartoons and adults do too. If you are an adult that likes to watch kid shows, then I think you should keep watching Miraculous Ladybug.

But as with any show or movie that a child watches, there are some things they ought not see. It’s important to choose what they watch wisely. Only let them watch stuff like this if they are old enough to understand the messages it sends. For example, the reason Cat Noir kisses Ladybug in the episode “The Bubbler” is because he wants to use his cataclysm power against Adrien’s father who has been turned into the Bubbler which will require him to give his life for Adrien’s father as well as Adrien himself and others who have been trapped by the villain of that episode, since only a kiss from someone he loves can activate his powers.

If you’re worried about your child watching Miraculous Ladybug because of the kissing scenes or anything else in it, I suggest talking about those things with them before letting them continue watching it so that they understand why things happen in those episodes and don’t get confused from seeing things that may seem unusual for cartoons like this.

Is miraculous ladybug and cat noir a girl show?

Ladybug is a girl. Her civilian identity is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. And Cat Noir is Adrien Agreste, whose father is the owner of the fashion house where Marinette’s mother works. The two of them are in love without even knowing they know each other – but they’re constantly getting in each other’s way.

If you’ve watched the first episode, you already know that Ladybug and Cat Noir are meant to be a team – and it’s only with each other that they can defeat the supervillains that suddenly appear in Paris whenever someone gets too angry or jealous or something.

So Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Cat Noir are a team – which doesn’t necessarily make it a “girl show” right? But it’s also definitely not a boy show either – because Marinette and Adrien don’t just have super powers to fight evil – they also have to deal with all the normal stuff that comes with being 14-year-olds with crushes on each other. (And they both have crushes.)

That said, this show is basically perfect for any kid who likes superheroes and/or romance, regardless of gender.

Is miraculous ladybug inappropriate?

Yes, I know it’s been here for a while and all but Miraculous Ladybug is still a relatively new show in the US so I thought it would be nice to answer the question.

The show is about Marinette and Adrien, two high school students in Paris. They both have super powers that allow them to transform into superheroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir.

It’s rated Y on Netflix, which means it is intended for all audiences, so it should be safe for anyone to watch. It’s also rated TV-Y7 on Nickelodeon, which means it’s safe for ages 7 and up.

It’s mostly targeted toward children, but there are some dark moments in the show and some more adult themes that might be unsuitable for younger children. Also, there are some times when the characters kiss, but not romantically (like when they’re just friends).

So yeah, I’m not sure if this helps, but at least now you know what to expect from this show.

Are there any LGBT characters in Miraculous Ladybug?

Well, no. Not explicitly.

There have been some hints at LGBT+ relationships, but nothing that has actually been confirmed in the show. Until Miraculous Ladybug depicts a relationship between two characters of the same gender or confirms that a character is gay, it does not have LGBT+ representation.

The way Max looks at Kim sometimes could suggest that he has feelings for him, or it could not. The way Marc is designed and being based on a gender-fluid person could show that he’s LGBT+, or it could not. The way Nino and Alya look at each other could be friendship or romantic attraction, or it could be neither one.

I’m not trying to say that if people don’t like how a character is depicted, they should stop watching the show; I am saying you shouldn’t expect any representation in Miraculous unless it’s shown on screen.

Miraculous Ladybug sexualization

Miraculous Ladybug is a French cartoon that has been dubbed into English and is currently being aired on Nickelodeon. It’s also popular in the US, with a rating of 9.1 on IMDB.

The show is about two teenagers who are superheroes by day and normal teenagers by night. They have to fight the evil akumas, which are butterflies that turn people into supervillains. The main character is Marinette, who becomes Ladybug, and her love interest Adrien, who becomes Cat Noir.

The show has many problems with representation, but today I am going to focus primarily on the sexualization of Marinette and how it affects young viewers.

Marinette is 14 years old, and she has a crush on Adrien. The problem is that her crush leads to her constantly losing her cool around him, leading her to stumble over words or make a fool of herself in front of everyone else.

This makes it seem like she’s not good enough for Adrien because she’s shy around him and can’t express her feelings properly, like Adrien does with his crush on Ladybug (Marinette).

And this isn’t just Marinette being nervous around boys, as shown in Season 2 Episode 9 when she could express her feelings with no hesitance or self-doubt in front of the whole school (including Adrien) about how much Tikki means to her when Lila turned everyone against Tikki by making them believe Marinette was using Tikki as a weapon.

Marinette only had self-doubt and hesitation about expressing her feelings towards Adrien, which was why she was constantly losing her cool around him.


In my opinion, Ladybug & Cat Noir show is targeted at preteens and teenagers, just like you. Though it’s aimed at 7-year-olds, it’s perfect for older kids between 9 and 15.

Overall, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is a great family show about superheroes with a strong lead who doesn’t need help from her male counterpart, but has a good relationship with him. It has some mild violence, but nothing graphic or gory. It also teaches valuable lessons about friendship and responsibility.

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