Can Yorkies Eat Cheese?

Cheese is one of the most popular foods among humans. And it’s easy to see why: it’s nutrient-rich and cost-effective, so it’s a great addition to any diet. That’s why so many Yorkshire Terrier owners think nothing of sharing some cheese with their furry friend.

But can you really feed cheese to your Yorkies? The short answer is “yes” — but only in moderation. For example, a block of cheddar could give your Yorkshire Terrier an upset stomach, or worse. But what if you’re looking for a healthy treat for your pup? What about cheeses other than cheddar? And how much cheese can your Yorkshire Terrier eat?

We’ll answer all these questions and more in this post. Let’s get started by addressing the most common question:

Is cheese safe for Yorkies?

It’s safe to say that Yorkies love cheese as much as we do. But is it good for them?

The answer is yes—in moderation, of course. Allowing your Yorkshire Terrier to have a small amount of cheese every once in a while can be an excellent source of calcium and fatty acids, but don’t let it become a regular part of your pet’s diet.

One thing you have to look out for is the ingredients in the cheese itself. Is there anything toxic in there that could be dangerous to your pup? Always read the label and stay away from cheeses with onions or garlic, or artificial preservatives or flavorings.

Last, if this is your Yorkshire Terrier’s first time eating cheese, introduce it slowly and only give him small pieces at first. This will help him adjust to it, and will allow you to monitor how he responds to cheese. In rare cases, Yorkies can show an intolerance or an allergic reaction to some foods, so watch out for any symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or difficulty breathing. If you see any cause for concern, contact your veterinarian right away.

Benefits of feeding cheese in Yorkies

So you’re thinking about feeding your Yorkshire Terrier cheese. Not a bad idea—there are some actual benefits to feeding your Yorkshire Terrier cheese, and it’s not just because Yorkies love it.

Protein: Cheese contains a high amount of protein, which is essential to a Yorkshire Terrier’s diet.

Essential fatty acids: Cheese contains essential fatty acids, which can help maintain a healthy coat/skin and keep joints lubricated.

Calcium: Calcium helps build bones in Yorkies, and can also help prevent osteoporosis.

Vitamins: Cheese contains vitamins A, B, D and K. These vitamins are important for eyesight, healthy skin/coat and immune system function.

Training tools: Cheese can be used as a training tool or treat for your Yorkshire Terrier. Because it’s something they like that you don’t usually have around the house (and therefore aren’t always available), they’ll learn quicker if they know they’ll only get cheese when they do what you want them to do.

Concealing pills: If you need to give your Yorkshire Terrier pills, but they refuse to take them (as most Yorkies tend to do), wrapping the pill in cheese is a great way to trick them into taking their medicine.

Do all Yorkies like cheese?

Unfortunately, not all Yorkies love cheese. While many Yorkies love cheese, some dislike it completely. Yorkies have food preferences just like we do, so don’t force it if your Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t seem to enjoy the cheese.

Instead, try other Yorkshire Terrier-friendly treats like blueberries and plain yogurt. If you’re introducing a new food to your Yorkshire Terrier’s diet, consult with your vet first to make sure it’s okay for him to eat that food.

Can my Yorkies have cheese every day?

We don’t recommend feeding your Yorkshire Terrier cheese every day.

While we all love to spoil our pups with treats, it’s important to remember that treats should be just that—a treat. If you feed your Yorkshire Terrier cheese every day, they might get bored, and they could gain unwanted weight.

Instead, try varying the treats you give them throughout the week. That way, they’ll look forward to what new treat you’re going to give them! Plus, different treats will have different nutritional values, which means a varied diet is better for your pups overall health.

Can Yorkshire Terrier puppies eat cheese?

Yes, Yorkshire Terrier puppies can eat cheese! Cheese can be a great training tool, especially when you’re introducing your puppy to the idea of staying inside his or her crate.

However, wait till your puppy is at least two months old to introduce any food other than a specialized puppy diet, which can be bought from your local pet supply store. When you introduce the first bite of cheese to your puppy, start with just a small piece. Your puppy’s digestive system is delicate and you don’t want to shock it by giving them too much at once.

If you have questions about what your puppy can and cannot eat, be sure to consult with your veterinarian.

How much cheese can Yorkies eat?

Before adding cheese to your Yorkshire Terrier’s diet, it is best to consult with your vet. They can help you figure out the right serving size for your pooch based on their age, size and lactose tolerance level.

It’s important to control portions for your pup’s diet and treats. Start out with a small piece of cheese, and if there are no negative reactions like vomiting or diarrhea, you can offer them more. If there are any signs of discomfort, avoid giving them cheese in the future.

Always follow the 90/10 rule: 90% of what your Yorkshire Terrier eats should be nutritious food like meat, high-quality grains, and vegetables. The other 10% can be treats like cheese. But if you’re giving them high-fat cheese as a treat, decrease the amount of their regular food by the same amount so they don’t gain weight.

What kind of cheese can Yorkies eat?

Mozzarella: low in fat, so it’s a safe treat for your Yorkshire Terrier as long as he’s not lactose intolerant.

Cottage cheese: also low in fat, and just like with mozzarella, your Yorkshire Terrier should be able to handle it unless he’s lactose intolerant.

Swiss cheese: low in lactose, so if your Yorkshire Terrier is sensitive to lactose but you want to give him some cheese anyway, consider swiss!

Cheddar: low level of salts, which is good for your Yorkshire Terrier’s kidney health. If you have a senior Yorkshire Terrier, monitor the amount of cheddar you give him.

String cheese: low levels of lactose and salt, and also easy to break up into smaller pieces that are easier to swallow.

What types of cheese are bad for Yorkies?

Here’s what you need to know about cheese and your pup: It’s not something they should be eating.

-Blue cheese contains high levels of Stilton fungus, which produces a substance called Roquefortine C. If a Yorkshire Terrier ingests this substance, it can cause muscle tremors, rigidity, and seizures.

-Goat’s cheese contains more lactose than cow’s milk, so it’s not recommended for Yorkies.

-Cheesecake is very high in fat, which can lead to pancreatitis in Yorkies. Pancreatitis is when the pancreas becomes inflamed—it can be very painful for your Yorkshire Terrier and lead to even bigger problems. So avoid cheesecake if you want to keep your Yorkshire Terrier safe and healthy.

-Cream cheese is also high in fat, and obesity is a serious issue for Yorkies these days. To keep your pet healthy, avoid giving them cream cheese!

-Parmesan contains high levels of sodium, which is dangerous for Yorkies and can even be fatal if ingested in large enough quantities. It can cause seizures or an electrolyte imbalance that could lead to death.

-Cheese puffs are filled with fat and sodium—two things that are a bad idea for your Yorkshire Terrier to eat

How to serve cheese to your Yorkies?

Cheese is definitely a food you can give your Yorkshire Terrier in small quantities now and then. The key is to use cheese as an occasional treat, not an everyday food.

The easiest way to give cheese to your Yorkshire Terrier is just to give them a small piece. It’s best if the cheese is low in fat and doesn’t have any added spices or herbs that could upset your Yorkshire Terrier’s stomach. You can also sprinkle some cheese on top of your Yorkshire Terrier’s regular food to make it more enticing, though keep in mind that this will increase the total amount of fat and calories your Yorkshire Terrier eats for the day.

Another way to give cheese to your Yorkshire Terrier is by making a sauce out of it. To make a simple cheese sauce, melt one cup of shredded cheddar or American cheese with one tablespoon flour over medium-low heat, stirring constantly until thickened. Pour over drier foods like kibble or a baked potato, or use as a dip for fresh vegetables.

You can also mix cottage cheese with cooked white rice (equal parts) and serve as-is or add canned pumpkin or mashed sweet potatoes to make it more palatable. This dish is popular with Yorkies who have sensitive stomachs.

What are the risks of feeding cheese to your Yorkshire Terrier?

Cheese is a common snack for humans and Yorkies, but what are the risks of feeding cheese to your Yorkshire Terrier?

First, cheese is typically high in fat. Too much fat can lead to obesity in Yorkies. Obesity can lead to a host of other conditions—heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, and more. 

Another risk is cheese’s lactose content. Yorkies can be lactose intolerant. Cheese can cause symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. 

Finally, some cheeses have toxic additives. Raw or blue cheese may contain toxic herbs like garlic, onions, or salts that can cause serious health issues if ingested, such as anemia or digestive problems.

Other human foods Yorkies can eat

What other human foods can Yorkies eat? Here is a list of some other human foods your Yorkies can eat.

So, can Yorkies eat cheese? 

Yes, Yorkies can eat cheese. It’s a great source of protein, calcium, essential fatty acids and vitamins that your Yorkshire Terrier needs. But there are some things you should keep in mind.

Many Yorkies can be lactose intolerant. So you shouldn’t feed your Yorkshire Terrier too much cheese or give them excessive amounts at one time. Cheese is high in fat, so giving your Yorkshire Terrier too much of it can lead to weight gain and obesity—which may lead to other health issues like diabetes or joint problems.

Feeding your Yorkshire Terrier cheese is safe as long as you choose the right type of cheese for your pet. Some types of cheese have more lactose than others (and therefore pose less risk to your Yorkshire Terrier). Choose any safe cheese from the above list.

However, don’t overfeed—you should follow the 90/10 rule: up to 10% of a Yorkshire Terrier’s diet should be treats. The rest should be high-quality food.

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