Can Yorkies Eat Blueberries?

Blueberry is a popular fruit among humans, and it’s easy to see why. It’s high in nutrients that promote health, it’s low in calories and cost, and it tastes great. That’s why many Yorkshire Terrier owners wonder if they can share this wonderful fruit with their four-legged friends.

But can you feed blueberries to your Yorkies? And are there any drawbacks or side effects?

The answer to the first question is “yes”. You can give your Yorkshire Terrier blueberries. But there are lots of things you need to know before doing that. We’ll answer every question regarding this topic in this guide. Let’s start with the most important question:

Are blueberries safe for Yorkies?

We get it. Sometimes Yorkies just want to snack on something other than their food. And while we don’t always think that fresh fruits are the best treats for them, blueberries are a safe option.

Blueberries are great because they have all kinds of nutritional value, but they are low in calories and fat. For example, they have high levels of antioxidants, which help protect our bodies from free radicals—which can cause cancer. They can also help you lose weight, treat urinary tract infections, reduce blood pressure, and improve your eyesight.

Blueberries are not only healthy for humans but also your Yorkshire Terrier. So it is safe to give your Yorkshire Terrier blueberries as a treat, but remember to introduce slowly since some Yorkies can show a food intolerance or allergic reaction. If this happens, make sure you take them to the vet immediately!

And remember that many fruits contain high levels of sugar and fructose (like apples) so it’s important to keep these kinds of sweet treat in moderation.

Benefits of blueberries in Yorkies

-Antioxidants: Blueberries contain antioxidants that help combat the effects of free radicals, which are compounds that can lead to premature aging and heart disease.

-Phytochemicals: These chemicals help maintain proper metabolic functions in your Yorkshire Terrier.

-Vitamin K: Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting, and it helps your Yorkshire Terrier’s blood cells stay healthy. It also helps prevent heart disease by preventing calcification of blood vessels.

-Manganese: Helps body to form blood clotting factors and sex hormones. It also plays an important role in metabolism, blood sugar control and nerve function.

-Potassium: Potassium is a mineral that helps control the fluid balance in your Yorkshire Terrier’s cells, regulates its heartbeat, and maintains normal muscle function.

-Calcium: Calcium helps keep your Yorkshire Terrier’s bones strong and healthy. It also plays a role in muscle contraction, blood clotting, and nerve transmission.

-Phosphorus: Phosphorus works with calcium to strengthen bones and teeth, as well as to regulate kidney function and muscle contraction.

-Anthocyanins: These pigments work with the antioxidants in blueberries to fight heart disease by preventing the buildup of plaque in arteries.

Do all Yorkies like blueberries?

It’s true that blueberries are a superfood, packed with antioxidants and a host of other benefits for your health. They’re also safe for Yorkies to eat.

Unfortunately, not all Yorkies appreciate the taste of blueberries!

If you’ve ever tried to sneak one into your Yorkshire Terrier’s mouth while they’re not looking, you may have noticed that they won’t always take it. When they take it, they may spit it out right away or even give you an irritated look. Your Yorkshire Terrier may not like the taste of blueberries, and there’s no way to change their mind.

Yorkies have food preferences just like humans do, so if your Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t like blueberries, don’t force them to eat them! If they won’t take treats containing blueberries, don’t hide crushed-up bits in their food or otherwise trick them into trying them. Even though blueberries are safe for Yorkies, too many can cause diarrhea (plus it’s just mean).

If you’re concerned that your Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t get enough antioxidants in their diet even after trying different foods (or if you want to confirm that it’s safe for them), consult with your vet before introducing a new food into their diet.

Can my Yorkies have blueberries every day?

You’re not wrong—there’s no rule on how often Yorkies can eat blueberries.

But that doesn’t mean they should eat them every day.

We recommend varying your Yorkshire Terrier’s treats, especially if you are using them in training. And be careful to avoid any treats that contain ingredients to which your Yorkshire Terrier may have a reaction. You don’t want to spoil his appetite for his dinner!

Blueberries are full of antioxidants that can help keep your Yorkshire Terrier healthy and strong. But they are also high in calories, so you need to give them in moderation. In general, you should not feed Yorkies over 10% of their daily calorie intake in treats (including blueberries). As always, talk to your veterinarian if you have specific questions about your Yorkshire Terrier’s diet and needs.

Can Yorkshire Terrier puppies eat blueberries?

Puppies may be cute and cuddly, but they’re not always easy. Puppies are vulnerable to a variety of illnesses and health problems, especially during their first months. That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on your little one, and make sure you’re doing everything you can to help them grow strong!

Something as simple as what you feed your Yorkshire Terrier puppy can have a big impact on their overall health. While some owners find it tempting to give their puppies human food, we don’t recommend it unless your vet approves it for certain reasons. Puppies have a delicate digestive system, and they should be on a specialized puppy diet until they are at least 2 months old.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your special pooch! There are many specially formulated Yorkshire Terrier treats available from pet stores or online retailers that will satisfy your puppy’s appetite without upsetting their stomach. After all, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than an unhappy puppy.

How many blueberries can Yorkies eat?

It is important to remember that Yorkies’ digestive systems are a little different from ours, so you should consult with your vet first before experimenting too much. But once you get the go-ahead, you can introduce blueberries as snacks or treats on their own or in combination with other foods.

For most small pup breeds like Yorkies, 10 blueberries would be an appropriate amount. For a large breed of pups, you could double that or even triple it without problems. You can also mix these berries with yogurt or cottage cheese for a delicious snack your Yorkshire Terrier will love.

However, as always with treats, moderation is key: follow the rule that all treats combined should not be over 10% of the total diet for your Yorkshire Terrier.

How to serve blueberries to your Yorkies?

Blueberries. They’re an amazing fruit, not only for us humans, but for our beloved Yorkies too.

But before you give them a handful of blueberries to your Yorkshire Terrier, be sure you check with your vet first, especially if your Yorkshire Terrier is on medication or suffers from any medical condition.

You should also feed organic blueberries only; conventional blueberry production uses pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that can really harm your Yorkshire Terrier’s health. Also, clean the berries properly before feeding them to your Yorkshire Terrier.

If you decide it’s safe to feed blueberries to your Yorkshire Terrier, you can use them as a healthy treat or as part of a meal. You can always feed fresh blueberries, but they are so delicious that some Yorkies might swallow them whole without chewing on them properly. If you want to avoid this risk, you can freeze blueberries overnight and serve them frozen: they are a great treat on hot days!

You can feed your Yorkshire Terrier one blueberry at a time as a treat or sprinkle them on their regular food for extra flavor and nutrition.

You can also blend blueberries with plain yogurt and serve the mixture as a healthy snack or even as dessert after dinner. 

When are blueberries bad for Yorkies?

Blueberries are generally good for Yorkies. They have lots of nutrients and antioxidants, so the occasional blueberry is a tasty, healthy treat for your pup.

But like anything else, it’s possible to overindulge. Sugar is sugar, no matter where you get it from—and even if it’s healthy, too much sugar can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

If you’re eating a lot of blueberries and your Yorkshire Terrier is eating off your plate, that’s when they may be bad for them. To avoid this, either limit the number of blueberries you give your Yorkshire Terrier or don’t let them eat off your plate at all (or better yet, feed them their own food).

Store-bought blueberries may contain artificial sweeteners that can be dangerous for Yorkies. If you need to use store-bought blueberries because of an underlying health issue like diabetes or hypoglycemia in your Yorkshire Terrier, make sure you read labels carefully to ensure that the product does not contain any artificial sweeteners that could lead to a serious health problem for them.

What happens when your Yorkies eat too many blueberries?

Here’s what to watch out for:

Vomiting – If your Yorkshire Terrier has eaten too many blueberries, they may vomit them back up. This is normal and should resolve itself within a day or two.

Diarrhea – When a Yorkshire Terrier eats too many blueberries, it can lead to diarrhea. If you notice your Yorkshire Terrier has diarrhea after eating too many blueberries, try giving them something to help with rehydration.

Bloat – Bloat is when a Yorkshire Terrier’s stomach becomes swollen with gas. It happens when the stomach stretches too much and fills with air or fluid. The causes of bloat are often unknown, but it could be related to overeating or drinking too much water after eating berries.

Abdominal pain – Your Yorkshire Terrier may experience abdominal pain if they’ve consumed too many berries at once because the fiber in them can be hard on their digestive system (especially if it’s not used to that kind of food).

Choking – A Yorkshire Terrier can choke on a berry if they ingest too many at once.

What to do if your Yorkies eat too many blueberries?

The good news is that blueberries are not toxic for Yorkies, and the worst side effect you can expect is a bit of tummy upset and diarrhea. Blueberries contain high amounts of antioxidants which are great for our health, but bad for your Yorkshire Terrier’s body because they can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

If your Yorkshire Terrier just ate a few blueberries, then you should be okay. You don’t have to worry about anything if they only ate a small amount. However, if they ate a lot of blueberries at once, then you should be on the lookout for symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Your Yorkshire Terrier may also have abdominal cramps or painful contractions in their digestive system.

If you notice these symptoms, stop giving your Yorkshire Terrier the berries and let his stomach recover for a day or two before feeding him blueberries again. If you’re worried about the amount of diarrhea or vomiting your Yorkshire Terrier is experiencing, call your veterinarian and seek advice.

Can my Yorkshire Terrier eat blueberry muffins?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no.

The reason is that most blueberry muffins contain ingredients that are toxic to Yorkies—things like chocolate chips, raisins, and nuts—and even if your Yorkshire Terrier somehow finds a blueberry muffin that doesn’t have any of these things in it, it’s still probably loaded with added sugar and other artificial ingredients, which can be harmful to your Yorkshire Terrier’s system. 

Also, avoid giving your Yorkshire Terrier other processed blueberries as well because they often contain xylitol, a sweetener that can be dangerous for Yorkies.

It’s best to use fresh blueberries as an occasional treat for your Yorkshire Terrier. If you want to give them a special treat more often than that, consider making homemade Yorkshire Terrier treats using blueberries with other Yorkshire Terrier-safe fruits and vegetables.

Other human foods Yorkies can eat

What other human foods can Yorkies eat? Here is a list of some other human foods your Yorkies can eat.

So, can Yorkies eat blueberries? 

Yes, Yorkies can eat blueberries in moderation. Blueberries are rich in vitamins C and K, as well as manganese. They’re also high in fiber, making them an excellent treat for Yorkies with sensitive stomachs. But they can cause a problem with your Yorkshire Terrier’s blood sugar if they consume too many, so you should keep their intake to a minimum. It’s best to give them as an occasional treat or work them into a healthy homemade Yorkshire Terrier food recipe.

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