Are Dogs Allowed On Panama City Beach?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Panama City Beach. In fact, there are designated dog parks where your furry friend can enjoy the sand and surf just like you. Just be sure to keep them on a leash at all times and clean up after them.

Why Do People Want to Bring Their Dogs to Panama City Beach?

If you’re one of the many people who are considering bringing your dog to Panama City Beach, you’ve probably already heard that there are a number of benefits to doing so. But why do people want to bring their dogs in the first place?

Some people don’t enjoy leaving their dogs at home. For these people, leaving their pets at home is not an option because they feel guilty about it or simply miss them too much. Others may have pets that suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone for long periods of time. If this sounds like your dog, then bringing him along might be a great solution for both of you!

Still others believe that their dogs make the trip more enjoyable—and who wouldn’t want some additional fun during vacation? The beach is a great place for dogs because it has plenty of space for them to run around and play with other dogs (or even just watch other people play with theirs). It’s also a great way for owners to get exercise while spending some quality time with their pets.

Dog Friendly Things to Do in Panama City Beach

If you’re looking for dog friendly things to do in Panama City Beach, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite activities that the whole family can enjoy together—including your furry friends!

  1. Go kayaking! You can rent kayaks at several locations along the beach, and there are guided tours if you don’t want to do it on your own. Just make sure your dog is comfortable getting wet and doesn’t mind being on a boat.
  2. Rent a stand-up paddle board and explore the waters from above! This is an awesome way to see dolphins, manatees, and other marine life up close without having to swim with them.
  3. Take a stroll along the beach with your pup! The sand is soft and smooth here, so it’s easy on paws if they get tired or need a break from running around in the water all day long (which will happen when they realize how much fun it is!).

Dog Friendly Restaurants Panama City Beach

The best thing about Panama City Beach is that there are plenty of dog friendly restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a casual bite to eat or a fine dining experience, your four-legged friend will be welcome at these establishments. Here are just a few of the many dog friendly restaurants in Panama City Beach:

Dockside Seafood & Oyster Bar: Located right on the waterfront, Dockside is the perfect spot to enjoy fresh seafood while watching the boats come and go. Your dog will love basking in the sun on their outdoor patio while you enjoy some of the best oysters in town.

Harry T’s Lighthouse: Another great seafood spot with an expansive outdoor seating area that’s perfect for people watching (and pup watching). Their menu has something for everyone, plus they have a doggie menu with items like grilled salmon and chicken strips.

Yum! Runaway Island Beach Bar & Grill: This beachfront bar and grill is known for their delicious burgers and tropical drinks. Their outdoor patio is one of the most popular spots in town, so make sure to get there early if you want a table. Your pup is welcome to join you while you wait.

Pepito’s Mexican Grill: Pepito’s has been serving up delicious Mexican food since 1978 and is beloved by locals and visitors alike. They have an extensive menu with all of your favorite dishes, plus a few canine-friendly options like chicken strips and rice.

Can I Take My Dog to Any Beach in Florida?

Almost every part of the Florida state has at least a piece of beach where dogs are allowed. However, there are a few restrictions to be aware of when bringing your dog to the beach in Florida. First, all dogs must have a current rabies vaccination. Secondly, some beaches may have specific areas designated for dogs, while others do not allow dogs at all.

Be sure to check signs at the beach entrance before bringing your pup. Lastly, please clean up after your dog! This includes using a plastic bag to pick up any solid waste and filling any holes that your dog digs.

By following these simple guidelines, you and your four-legged friend can enjoy a fun day at the beach.

What Gulf Beaches in Florida Allow Dogs?

There are many great Gulf beaches in Florida that allow dogs. Some of the more popular ones include Fort De Soto Park, Clearwater Beach, and St. Pete Beach. All three of these beaches have designated areas where dogs are allowed to play and enjoy the water.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times when on these beaches. Fort De Soto Park is located on Tierra Verde near St. Petersburg. This beach has over two miles of white sand beaches for you and your dog to enjoy.

There are also several nature trails that are perfect for a leisurely walk with your pup. Clearwater Beach is located on the west coast of Florida in Pinellas County. This beach has a wide variety of activities for both you and your dog to enjoy including swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and walking along the Boardwalk.St. Pete Beach is located just south of St. Petersburg in Pinellas County.

Find out if Oher Beaches Allow Dogs or Not


Yes, dogs are allowed on Panama City Beach. The Panama City has a dedicated dog beach and several dog parks and many local restaurants that allows dogs.

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