Why is One of My Rabbits Eyes Watering? Discover the Hidden Causes

One of your rabbit’s eyes may be watering due to an eye infection or irritation. This can be caused by allergies, foreign objects, or even dental issues.

Rabbits are prone to developing eye problems, so it’s important to monitor the condition and seek veterinary assistance if necessary. In some cases, the watering may resolve on its own, but it’s best to have a professional diagnose and provide appropriate treatment to ensure your rabbit’s health and well-being.

Eye issues in rabbits can sometimes be a symptom of a more serious underlying problem, so it’s crucial to address the issue promptly.

Common Causes Of Rabbit Eye Watering

Rabbit eye watering is a common problem that can have multiple causes. One possible cause is a nasolacrimal duct blockage. This occurs when the tear duct, which drains excess tears from the eye, becomes blocked. This blockage can result in excessive tearing and watery eyes.

Conjunctivitis is another common cause of rabbit eye watering. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin membrane that covers the white part of the eye. It can be caused by allergies, irritants, or bacterial or viral infections.

Environmental allergens can also trigger eye watering in rabbits. Dust, pollen, mold, and other allergens can irritate the eyes and cause them to water excessively.

Less Common Causes Of Rabbit Eye Watering

There are a few less common causes of rabbit eye watering that pet owners should be aware of. One potential cause is dental problems. Rabbits’ teeth continuously grow throughout their lives, and if they are not properly aligned, they can cause irritation to the eyes. This can result in excessive tearing.

Another possible reason for eye watering is a foreign body. If a foreign object, such as a piece of hay or dust, gets into the eye, it can cause irritation and watery eyes.

Additionally, facial abscesses can sometimes lead to eye watering in rabbits. Abscesses are localized and swollen areas filled with pus. If an abscess forms near the eye, it can put pressure on the tear ducts, leading to excessive tearing.

Rare Causes Of Rabbit Eye Watering

One of the rare causes of rabbit eye watering is glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition that occurs when there is increased pressure inside the eye, leading to damage to the optic nerve and potential vision loss. Another possible cause of eye watering in rabbits is a corneal ulcer. Corneal ulcers are open sores on the cornea, usually caused by trauma or infection. This can result in pain, redness, and excessive tearing. Epiphora is another condition that can lead to rabbit eye watering. Epiphora is characterized by the overflow of tears onto the face due to an obstruction or abnormality in the tear drainage system. If you notice your rabbit’s eye watering, it is important to consult a veterinarian to determine the underlying cause and provide appropriate treatment.


To sum up, if you notice your rabbit’s eye watering, it is important to address this issue promptly. By observing your rabbit’s behavior, consulting a veterinarian, and providing proper care and hygiene, you can assist in resolving the watering of their eye.

Remember to always prioritize your rabbit’s well-being to ensure their health and happiness.

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