Who Plays the Elephant in Sing 2? Meet the Majestic Performer

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The highly anticipated sequel to the hit animated film Sing is finally here! Sing 2 brings back the beloved characters from the first movie along with some exciting new additions. One of the new characters that has caught the attention of audiences is the charming and talented elephant, Meena.

Meena first appeared in the original Sing movie as a shy and insecure elephant with a powerful voice. In Sing 2, she takes center stage and becomes a pivotal character in the story. However, you might be wondering, who provides the voice for this lovable elephant?

The role of Meena in Sing 2 is voiced by none other than the incredibly talented Tori Kelly. Tori Kelly is a singer, songwriter, and actress who gained recognition after appearing on the reality TV show American Idol. Since then, she has released several successful albums and even earned Grammy nominations for her music.

It comes as no surprise that Tori Kelly was chosen to bring Meena to life. With her powerful vocals and incredible range, she perfectly captures the essence of the character. Tori’s ability to portray Meena’s journey from a shy performer to a confident star adds depth and relatability to the story.

Meena’s story in Sing 2 revolves around her dreams of becoming a singer and overcoming her fears. With Tori Kelly’s beautiful voice, Meena’s performances are sure to leave audiences in awe. Her heartfelt rendition of popular songs is bound to be a highlight of the movie.

Sing 2 is not Tori Kelly’s first foray into voice acting. She previously lent her voice to the character of Meena in the original Sing film, where her rendition of the song “Hallelujah” became a fan favorite. Her return in Sing 2 allows fans to continue enjoying her incredible talent in a new and exciting storyline.

Other Voice Cast Members in Sing 2

Tori Kelly is not the only talented performer in Sing 2. The sequel boasts an impressive voice cast that includes renowned actors and musicians. Here are some of the other voices you can expect to hear in the movie:

Character Voice Actor
Johnny Taron Egerton
Buster Moon Matthew McConaughey
Ash Scarlett Johansson
Mike Seth MacFarlane

The combination of these talented actors and musicians brings the characters in Sing 2 to life and adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the film. Each actor brings their own unique style and personality to their respective characters, creating a vibrant and entertaining movie experience.

In Conclusion

Tori Kelly, with her exceptional talent and captivating voice, lends her voice to the character of Meena in Sing 2. Her portrayal of the lovable elephant connects with audiences and adds a touch of magic to the film. Alongside other talented voice cast members, Sing 2 promises to be an animated musical extravaganza that will delight audiences of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions For Who Plays The Elephant In Sing 2? Meet The Majestic Performer

Who Plays The Elephant In Sing 2?

Kelvin Harrison Jr. is the actor who plays the elephant in Sing 2.

How Did The Elephant Character In Sing 2 Come To Life?

The elephant character in Sing 2 was brought to life through a combination of animation and voice acting.

What Is The Significance Of The Elephant Character In Sing 2?

The elephant character in Sing 2 represents strength, resilience, and the power of pursuing one’s dreams.

What Challenges Did The Actor Face While Playing The Elephant In Sing 2?

The actor playing the elephant in Sing 2 faced the challenge of bringing a CGI character to life through voice acting alone.

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