Where To Buy An Axolotl?

To answer your question, the best place to buy an axolotl is from a reputed exotic pet dealer or a breeder. You can also consult with a veterinarian who is an expert in exotic pets to find reputable exotic pet shops or breeders. We advised against buying axolotls from generalized pet stores, as they most likely originated from irresponsible breeders and could carry diseases.

Axolotls make fascinating pets, and with the right care, they can live for many years. If you’re considering adding one of these unique creatures to your family, be sure to do your research before buying one.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here you will find where to buy an axolotl, what to look for before buying as well as some guidelines for taking care of your new pet. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Where Should I Buy My First Axolotl?

When looking to buy your first axolotl, there are several options. We will cover every option available to you. This includes discussing where to buy an axolotl from reputable dealers, pet stores, breeders, or even online sources in case you live in an area where you don’t have access to exotic pet stores.

Local Axolotl Breeders

If you live in an area where there are exotic pet stores, your best bet would be to buy from a local axolotl breeder. These breeders have usually done their research on the care of these creatures and have bred them for years, ensuring healthy offspring. Also, you get lifelong support from the breeder should you have questions or problems with your axolotl.

However, there are downsides to buying from a local axolotl breeder. First, travel a certain distance to get to the breeder. Second, if you buy from a small-time breeder, you may get an axolotl that is not as healthy as those from a larger breeder.

When looking for a local axolotl breeder, ask questions. Do they sell eggs or larvae? What is their guarantee? Do they offer advice on proper care of the axolotl if needed? If you find someone who has had experience with this species, their knowledge is invaluable to your success as an owner.

Avoid breeders who take a long time to respond or those who don’t like to reveal details about their process. Because that’s a positive indicator these breeders aren’t doing it out of love for the animals, but they’re simply seeking to make some money while continuing doing this.

Reputable Exotic Pet Stores

If you don’t have access to a local axolotl breeder, your next best bet would be to buy from a reputable exotic pet store. These stores usually have a wide variety of animals, including axolotls, and have staff who are knowledgeable about their care.

Most of the time, these pet stores will have their website. So if you find a decent exotic pet store in your region, you should be able to locate an axolotl there, too. It’s also a good idea to look for one in your neighborhood and inquire about it. Some pet shops don’t market themselves very much; as a result, they may be difficult to find. But when you do, call them or go see them and inquire if they sell axolotl.

However, let’s say you cannot find a reputable exotic pet store with an axolotl for sale or don’t want to buy from them because of personal reasons. You can always look online for reputable breeders.

Reputable Online Axolotl Breeders

Again, if you don’t have access to a local axolotl breeder or a reputable exotic pet store, your next best bet would be to buy from a reputable online axolotl breeder. It is easier than ever to find a breeder that you can trust online. There are hundreds of online exotic pet stores and breeders, so doing a quick Google search will reveal many reliable sources.

After doing extensive research, we’ve found some reputable online axolotl breeders that you can buy from.

Ivsy Axolotl Farm

This breeder is based in the United States and has been breeding axolotls for over 3 years. All of their axolotls are captive-bred and come from healthy, disease-free parents. They offer a 100% live arrival guarantee and have a wide variety of colors and morphs available.

Buy An Axolotl Online

Are you looking for a healthy and beautiful axolotl to call your own? Look no further! They offer the lowest prices in the market. Their axolotls are raised in the best conditions and fed baby brine shrimp to ensure they grow big, fluffy gills and live a long and happy life. When you adopt an axolotl from them, you will receive a beautiful and healthy axolotl shipped right to your front door!

Axolotl Planet

A full-service aquatics business completely run and owned by passionate hobbyists, biologists, and axolotl breeders is Axolotl Planet. Their only goal and aim is to raise the industry’s standards and produce the healthiest axolotls possible for pet lovers all around the world. Their team of ten people is bound by a shared love of axolotl, as well as all animals. The desire to care for these creatures drives them.

Regarding reproduction, they are more concerned with quality than quantity. They also provide a haven for other axolotls who are sick, underweight, or have any other specialized requirements that cause expert help.

Caudata Forum

The Caudata.org website was founded in 2001 as a platform for amphibian hobbyists, scientists, and educators to converse about these fascinating animals. This is the world’s longest-running amphibian-centric community. It was established by the members and is entirely free.

What to Consider Before Buying an Axolotl?

To buy axolotl, you will need a few very simple things. First, it is good to know what to look for when buying axolotl so that you can get the best one possible. Here is a list of important things:

1) Axolotls should be at least four months old

2) Two pairs of axolotl are better than one

3) The axolotls should be roughly the same size (if you want them to mate). Also, there must be at least 4 inches between each animal.

4) Look for signs of illness specific to axolotls, such as white spots or sunken eyes.

5) The axolotl should have a tiny bite taken out of their tail. This is normal.

There are other important points as well. Such as…


Axolotls are a protected species in the United States, so you’ll need to make sure that the seller has a permit to breed and sell them. In some states, it’s illegal to own an axolotl without a permit. If you live in an area where axolotls are not permitted, don’t buy them. However, if you want to purchase them, you may do so; however, there is a danger of being fined.

What color or morph do I want?

Axolotls come in a variety of colors, including wild-type (gray), albino, golden, and melanoid. Some morphs are also available, such as the leucistic (white) axolotl. It’s important to research the different colors and morphs to make sure you’re getting what you want.

What gender should I get?

If your goal is to breed axolotls, it’s important to find out the sex of your new pets before you gain them. Axolotls are not sexually mature until they are about 1-year-old, so it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between males and females when they are young. Although both can grow to be 5 to 8 inches long, males are usually thicker and have a broader head than females.

What is the source of these animals?

Axolotls for sale in the United States must come from a legal, licensed source. This means that any axolotls you buy should have a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) permit number on their seller’s receipt, whether they are bought from a pet store or breeder. Axolotls are endangered species, so it might be difficult to find the breeders.

What conditions should the axolotl have been kept in before I get it?

Some axolotls that are sold to pet stores or breeders come from other countries where animal care standards may differ from in the U.S. The animal may have been kept in crowded conditions or with dirty water, which can cause stress and lead to illness. Ask the seller whether the axolotls are bred in captivity, raised in outdoor ponds, or caught from the wild. The best option is captive-bred axolotls that are being sold by an animal breeder.

How much are they selling axolotls for? Do they have health guarantees and certificates?

Axolotls are not cheap. If you want to ensure that the animal or animals that you buy are healthy, it’s important to look into the seller’s health guarantee. Beware of stores that offer an unusually low price because this animal may be sick, injured, or pregnant with multiple babies.

Are there any reviews on their products?

Check out the seller’s website, if they have one. Look for reviews on sites like Google and Yelp, or testimonials from other people who have bought axolotls from them. If you see anything suspicious about the seller—a store with critical reviews, a website that isn’t professional looking, poor communication skills—you might not buy from them.

Basic Requirements

Make sure that you can accommodate the axolotl since these creatures will need a lot of time and equipment for upkeep. These are the basic requirements.


If you’re a first-time axolotl owner, it’s a good idea to start with a 15-gallon aquarium for your new pet. However, as your axolotl gets larger and more mature, you may need to upgrade to a 20- or even 30-gallon aquarium. Make sure you have enough space in your home for the tank and that it will fit in the designated area.

Tank cover

Axolotls are escape artists and will often jump out of their tanks if they are not properly covered. You should purchase a tank cover to avoid having your axolotl escape and potentially dying.

Aquarium filter

Axolotls are sensitive to chemicals and waste products, so it’s important to have a good aquarium filter when you have them in an aquarium. A filter helps keep the water clean and removes toxins that can harm.

Water conditions

Axolotls require cold, clean water with a pH of 7.5 to 8.5 and about 1 to 3 teaspoons of salt per gallon. Good filtration is necessary when you have axolotls in an aquarium because they are sensitive to chemicals and waste products.


Yes, you will need to have a substrate (gravel) at the bottom of your aquarium. This is necessary to help with filtration and give the axolotls a place to dig.


So, what does an axolotl eat? Axolotls are carnivores and should be fed a diet of live food. You can buy frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, and tubifex worms from your local pet store or online.

What is the cost of buying an Axolotl?

Axolotls are relatively affordable pets when compared to other exotic animals. Prices for axolotls vary depending on the age, size, and color of the axolotl. Prices for juvenile axolotls start at around $10 and can go up to $30 for adults. Colors and patterns also affect the price, with albino axolotls being the most expensive. Typically, large black male axolotls cost between $200 and $250.

It is important to remember that axolotls are not common pets and may be difficult to find in stores. If you cannot find an axolotl locally, several online retailers sell them. Just be sure to do your research before buying an axolotl to make sure you are getting a healthy, quality animal.

Another $30 to $80 will be spent on purchasing a suitable tank and materials for the housing depending on the size of your pet. However, this may increase dramatically in cost if you buy a high-quality filter. Some high-end filters can cost as much as $175.

How much you spend on an axolotl will depend on how long you want to keep it, but they can be bought for under $100 for a decent amount of time. If, however, you want a cooler, older axolotl, expect to pay more than $500 to properly care for it.

Axolotls make interesting and unique pets and are a brilliant choice for those who want an exotic animal without the high price tag. With a little research, anyone can find and afford an axolotl of their own.

How to Transport Your Axolotl?

Axolotls are not the easiest creatures to transport. Their skin is delicate and they can easily become stressed out during a move. Here are some tips on how to safely transport your axolotl:

1) Try to transport your axolotl in its tank. This will help to avoid extra stress.

2) If you don’t have a tank to transport your axolotl in, try to line the area where you are keeping it with newspaper or some other material that can be easily cleaned up. This will help if your axolotl releases any excess mucus (it’s kind of like they sneeze) or “ink”.

3) Give your axolotl some peace—especially if it’s in a different tank. Axolotls are very wary of new people, places, and things. Allowing them to stay in one location can prevent them from becoming stressed out.

4) Try not to feed your axolotl immediately before transporting it. It’s best not to give them anything within a few hours of traveling, so they don’t have to use their energy reserves on digestion instead of swimming.

5) Transport your axolotl in an upright position, if possible. This will help prevent your pet from getting stressed out and possibly injuring itself.

6) If you’re traveling by car, keep your axolotl in a secure place where it will not be jostled around. Axolotls are very delicate and can easily be injured if they are not handled properly.

7) If you’re traveling by air, check with the airline to see if they allow animals on board. Some airlines do not allow any live animals, while others have specific restrictions (such as a certain size or weight limit).

8) If you are traveling with your axolotl in a pet carrier, make sure that the carrier is large enough for your pet to move around comfortably.

9) When you reach your destination, set up your axolotl’s tank as quickly as possible. This will help to reduce the amount of stress your pet experiences.

Following these tips should help you transport your axolotl safely and comfortably. If you have questions, please contact your veterinarian.


Axolotls are a unique and interesting pet to have, but before you go out and buy one, there are a few things you should know. First, axolotls are difficult pets to care for – they require a specific type of water and diet that not all pet stores carry.

If you’re determined to buy an axolotl, your best bet is to go to a local breeder or a specialty pet store online. Be prepared to pay anywhere from $15 to $200 for one, depending on the size and type.

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