When is Deer Season in West Virginia : The Ultimate Guide to Bagging Bucks

When is Deer Season in West Virginia

Deer hunting is a popular activity for many outdoor enthusiasts in West Virginia. If you are planning to go hunting, it’s important to know when the deer season starts and ends. Understanding the regulations and specific dates will help you prepare for a successful hunting trip. Here is a breakdown of the deer season in West Virginia.

The Archery Season

The deer hunting season in West Virginia typically begins with the Archery Season. This is an exciting time for hunters who prefer using a bow and arrow. Archery season generally starts around mid-September and lasts until the end of December. It provides a great opportunity for hunters to test their skills and enjoy nature’s beauty.

The Buck Firearms Season

The Buck Firearms Season is another significant period for deer hunting in West Virginia. This is the most anticipated time of the year for many hunters as it allows the harvest of male deer. The Buck Firearms Season usually begins in late November, specifically on the Monday that follows Thanksgiving Day. It then runs for two weeks. During this time, hunters can use firearms to hunt for big game.

It is important to note that the exact dates for the Buck Firearms Season may vary slightly each year. Therefore, it is crucial to check the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources website or consult the latest hunting regulations for the most up-to-date information.

The Antlerless Deer Firearms Season

The Antlerless Deer Firearms Season in West Virginia takes place after the Buck Firearms Season. It is specifically designed for the hunting of female deer or antlerless deer. The dates for the Antlerless Deer Firearms Season also vary each year, but it typically occurs for a few days in December.

This season is crucial in keeping the deer population in balance and preventing overpopulation, which can negatively impact the ecosystem. It is important to familiarize yourself with the regulations surrounding the Antlerless Deer Firearms Season before heading out for the hunt.

The Muzzleloader Season

The Muzzleloader Season is another exciting time for deer hunting enthusiasts in West Virginia. As the name suggests, this season allows hunting with muzzleloading firearms. The dates for the Muzzleloader Season differ from year to year, but it usually occurs for a couple of weeks in December and/or January.

Using a muzzleloader adds an additional challenge to the hunt, as hunters must carefully load the firearm and take a more calculated shot. It requires patience and precision, making the Muzzleloader Season a unique experience for avid hunters.

The Youth Season

West Virginia also offers a special Youth Season for young hunters to participate in deer hunting. This is an excellent opportunity for children to learn about hunting and gain valuable experience under adult supervision.

The Youth Season usually occurs during late September or early October, providing a safe and controlled environment for young hunters to enjoy the sport. Specific regulations and age requirements vary, so it is crucial to review the guidelines set by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources before participating in the Youth Season.

Hunting Regulations and Licenses

Before partaking in the deer season, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the hunting regulations and obtain the necessary licenses. In West Virginia, hunters must possess a valid hunting license and obtain additional permits for specific hunting seasons.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources website provides comprehensive information on hunting regulations, licensing requirements, and the various permits available. It is advisable to consult the latest regulations to ensure compliance and enjoy a safe hunting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions On When Is Deer Season In West Virginia : The Ultimate Guide To Bagging Bucks

How Long Is Deer Season In West Virginia?

Deer season in West Virginia typically lasts for 10 weeks, from the end of September to the beginning of December.

Can You Hunt Deer On Sundays In West Virginia?

Yes, hunting deer on Sundays is permitted in West Virginia, but only during designated Sundays and with the appropriate license.

What Is The Bag Limit For Deer In West Virginia?

The bag limit for deer in West Virginia is three bucks per year, with only one antlered buck allowed per day.

Are There Any Specific Regulations For Hunting Deer With A Bow In West Virginia?

Yes, there are specific regulations for hunting deer with a bow in West Virginia, such as a minimum draw weight requirement and a restricted hunting season.


Deer season in West Virginia offers a range of hunting opportunities for both skilled and novice hunters. Whether you prefer archery, firearms, or muzzleloading, there is a season suited for your hunting style.

Make sure to stay informed about the specific dates and regulations for each season, and obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Respect wildlife and practice responsible hunting to ensure the preservation of this cherished tradition. Happy hunting!

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