When is Deer Season in Kentucky? Plan Your Hunting Adventure Now!

When is Deer Season in Kentucky

Deer hunting is a popular outdoor activity in Kentucky, attracting thousands of hunters each year. However, in order to ensure a safe and successful hunting experience, it is important to know the dates for deer season in the state.

Archery Season

The deer hunting season in Kentucky begins with archery season, which is open to both resident and non-resident hunters. The archery season usually starts in early September and runs until mid-January. This long season allows hunters ample time to pursue deer using bows or crossbows. It is important to check the specific dates for each year, as they may vary depending on the region in Kentucky.

Firearm Seasons

After the archery season, hunters eagerly anticipate the firearm seasons in Kentucky. There are two primary firearm seasons: modern firearm season and muzzleloader season.

  • The modern firearm season typically starts in mid-November and lasts for approximately two weeks.
  • The muzzleloader season usually follows the modern firearm season and lasts for ten days. It provides an opportunity for hunters to use muzzleloading rifles or pistols.

Both firearm seasons are open to both resident and non-resident hunters, giving everyone a chance to participate in this thrilling sport.

Youth Season

In addition to the regular deer hunting seasons, Kentucky also offers a special youth season. This season provides young hunters ages 15 and under with a chance to experience the excitement of deer hunting under the supervision of an adult mentor. The youth season usually takes place in early October, allowing young hunters to participate before the main seasons begin.

Extended Seasons

Some areas in Kentucky have extended deer seasons, which provide hunters with additional opportunities to hunt and manage deer populations. These extended seasons may include early or late muzzleloader seasons, urban bow seasons, or special area-specific seasons.

Extended Season Dates
Early Muzzleloader Season Mid-October to early November
Late Muzzleloader Season Late December to early January
Urban Bow Season Varies by city

These extended seasons aim to provide hunters with more opportunities to pursue deer and help manage the deer population in specific areas.

Bag Limits and Regulations

It is important for hunters to adhere to bag limits and regulations set by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. The bag limits may vary depending on the specific season and region. It is crucial to check the current hunting regulations and obtain the necessary licenses before participating in deer hunting.

Hunters are encouraged to report their harvests through the online harvest reporting system. This information helps wildlife biologists monitor population trends and make informed management decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions For When Is Deer Season In Kentucky? Plan Your Hunting Adventure Now!

Is There A Specific Season For Hunting Deer In Kentucky?

Yes, there is a specific season for hunting deer in Kentucky. The hunting season typically varies each year.

When Does The Deer Season Start In Kentucky?

Deer season in Kentucky usually starts in early September and extends into January the following year.

How Long Does The Deer Season Last In Kentucky?

The duration of deer season in Kentucky varies depending on the type of deer hunting, but it generally lasts for several months.

Are There Different Hunting Seasons For Different Types Of Deer In Kentucky?

Yes, Kentucky has different hunting seasons for various types of deer, such as archery, muzzleloader, and modern firearm seasons.


Deer season in Kentucky offers a variety of opportunities for hunters to experience the thrill of the hunt. From archery season to firearm seasons, youth season, and extended seasons, there is something for every hunter. By knowing the dates and regulations for each season, hunters can make the most of their hunting trips and contribute to responsible deer population management.

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