When Does Deer Season End in Tennessee? Discover the Final Dates!

When Does Deer Season End in Tennessee?

If you’re an avid hunter or just someone curious about hunting seasons in Tennessee, you might be wondering when deer season comes to a close. Deer hunting is a popular activity in the state, attracting thousands of hunters each year who take part in the sport. In this article, we will explore the end date of deer season in Tennessee and provide you with some key information that might help enhance your hunting experience.

Understanding Deer Season in Tennessee

Deer season in Tennessee is divided into multiple segments, each with specific start and end dates. This division allows for better management of deer populations and ensures that hunting is conducted in a safe and sustainable manner. The two primary deer hunting seasons in Tennessee are the archery season and the gun season.

Archery Season

The archery season is typically the first opportunity for hunters to pursue deer in Tennessee. It provides a thrilling experience for those who prefer the challenge of close-range shooting with a bow and arrow. The archery season usually begins around late September or early October and typically lasts until the end of October or early November.

Hunters during the archery season have the chance to target deer using traditional archery equipment, crossbows, or muzzle-loading firearms. Some counties in Tennessee also offer extended archery seasons, allowing hunters additional time to pursue deer using archery gear.

Gun Season

The gun season is the most anticipated hunting period for many hunters in Tennessee. It offers a broader range of firearms options and attracts a larger number of participants. The gun season is divided into segments: muzzleloader season, gun season, and the Young Sportsman Hunt.

The muzzleloader season usually kicks off around early November and lasts for a few days. This season is restricted to the use of muzzleloading firearms, adding an extra challenge for hunters. Following the muzzleloader season, the general gun season begins, allowing hunting with various firearms like rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

The general gun season typically starts around mid-November and continues into early January. It is during this period that hunters have the greatest opportunity to harvest a deer. The Young Sportsman Hunt, which is designed for young hunters aged 6-16, is scheduled for a specific weekend in late October or early November. This hunt provides a unique opportunity for novice hunters to learn and experience deer hunting under responsible supervision.

When Does Deer Season End in Tennessee?

Now, let’s get to the answer you’ve been waiting for. The end date of the deer season in Tennessee can vary depending on the specific segment you are considering.

Hunting Season End Date
Archery Season Usually late October or early November
Muzzleloader Season Few days after it begins in early November
Gun Season Early January
Young Sportsman Hunt Specific weekend in late October or early November

It’s important to note that hunting regulations and seasons can change from year to year. It is always a good idea to consult the official Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) website or contact them for the most up-to-date information on hunting seasons and specific dates for each segment.

By familiarizing yourself with the different deer hunting seasons and their respective end dates, you can plan your hunting trips accordingly and make the most of each opportunity. Stay informed and follow all the regulations and guidelines set forth by TWRA to ensure a safe and enjoyable hunting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions On When Does Deer Season End In Tennessee? Discover The Final Dates!

Is There A Specific End Date For Deer Season In Tennessee?

Deer season in Tennessee typically ends in mid-January, but exact dates can vary based on regulations.

Can I Hunt Deer After The Season Has Ended In Tennessee?

No, once deer season ends in Tennessee, it is illegal to hunt deer until the next season.

Are There Different Deer Seasons For Archery And Firearms In Tennessee?

Yes, Tennessee has separate deer seasons for archery hunters and firearms hunters to ensure fair and safe hunting opportunities.

What Are The Bag Limits For Deer Hunting In Tennessee?

The bag limits for deer hunting in Tennessee vary depending on the county and type of deer, so it’s important to check the regulations for the specific area.


Deer hunting season in Tennessee offers hunters thrilling opportunities to pursue their passion. It is crucial to know the end dates for each segment of the season to plan your hunting trips effectively. While archery season usually ends by late October or early November, gun season extends until early January. Make sure to check the official TWRA website for any updates or changes to the hunting regulations before heading out.

Remember, hunting is not just about the end result but also about enjoying the outdoors, respecting nature, and practicing responsible hunting. Stay safe, follow the rules, and have a fantastic hunting season in Tennessee!

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