What is the National Animal of India Tiger: Discover the Majestic Symbol of India

What is the National Animal of India – Tiger

India is known for its rich biodiversity, and one of the most iconic and revered creatures in the country is the tiger. The tiger holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Indians and is celebrated as the National Animal of India. Let’s dive into some interesting facts about this majestic big cat.

The Majesty of the Tiger

The tiger (scientifically known as Panthera tigris) is the largest member of the cat family. Their unique and distinctive orange coat, along with black stripes, makes them easily recognizable and awe-inspiring. Tigers are native to various parts of Asia, including India, where they have played a significant role in Indian culture and history.

Tigers and Indian Culture

The tiger has deep cultural and religious significance in India. It has been a symbol of power, strength, and bravery for centuries. In Indian mythology and folklore, tigers are often associated with deities and heroes. They are admired for their grace, agility, and ferocity, which symbolize the qualities of a true warrior.

Even today, the tiger continues to be an integral part of Indian culture. It is considered a guardian and protector, and its image is found in art, literature, and religious rituals. The tiger’s presence in Indian culture goes beyond its physical existence and represents the nation’s commitment to conserve and protect its wildlife.

The National Animal of India

The Indian government officially declared the tiger as the National Animal of India in 1972 to highlight its importance and create awareness about its conservation. This decision was a significant step towards preserving this endangered species.

Reasons Behind The Choice

Several factors contributed to the selection of the tiger as the National Animal of India. Here are a few notable reasons:

  1. Royal and Majestic: Tigers are majestic creatures, embodying strength and grace. They are viewed as the kings of the jungle and command respect.
  2. Ecosystem Balance: As apex predators, tigers play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Protecting them ensures a healthy and thriving environment.
  3. Cultural Significance: Tigers hold a special place in Indian culture, as mentioned earlier. By making them the National Animal, India acknowledges their cultural importance and promotes their conservation.
  4. A Symbol of Conservation: Tigers being an endangered species, selecting them as the National Animal increases awareness about their critical status and the need for their protection.

Tiger Conservation Efforts in India

India has been actively involved in the conservation of tigers and their habitat. Several initiatives have been undertaken to protect this magnificent species, including:

  • Project Tiger: Launched in 1973, Project Tiger aims to protect and increase the population of tigers in designated tiger reserves across the country. The project focuses on habitat preservation and anti-poaching measures.
  • Tiger Reserves: India is home to numerous tiger reserves that provide protected spaces for tigers to thrive. These reserves are strictly managed to ensure the well-being of the tigers and their habitat.
  • Public Awareness: Government agencies and non-profit organizations actively work towards creating awareness among the general public about the significance of tiger conservation and the need for their protection.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Is The National Animal Of India Tiger: Discover The Majestic Symbol Of India

What Is The National Animal Of India?

The national animal of India is the tiger, which represents strength, power, and conservation.

Why Is The Tiger The National Animal Of India?

The tiger was chosen as the national animal due to its cultural significance and symbolizing India’s rich biodiversity.

How Many Tigers Are Present In India?

India is home to the largest population of tigers in the world, with around 70% of the global tiger population residing within its borders.

What Are The Key Features Of Tigers?

Tigers are known for their majestic appearance, with their distinctive orange fur, black stripes, and powerful build.


The tiger is not just a beautiful and powerful creature; it is an integral part of India’s natural and cultural heritage. By making the tiger the National Animal, India emphasizes the importance of conserving this magnificent species and works towards ensuring their survival and the preservation of their habitats.

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