What Do Tiger Sharks Eat: Revealing the Secrets of their Powerful Appetite

What Do Tiger Sharks Eat

Tiger sharks are known for their voracious appetite and their ability to consume almost anything that crosses their path. These formidable predators have a wide-ranging diet that includes both marine creatures and even terrestrial animals.

1. Marine Animals

Tiger sharks primarily feed on other marine animals that inhabit the waters they roam. Their diet consists of:

  • Fish: Tiger sharks prey on various fish species such as tuna, mackerel, and groupers.
  • Squid: These sharks also consume squid, which is a common food source for many marine predators.
  • Octopus: Octopuses are among the prey items favored by tiger sharks due to their abundance in coastal areas.
  • Crabs and lobsters: These crustaceans are part of the tiger shark’s diet, especially for those inhabiting rocky areas.

2. Marine Mammals

Tiger sharks are opportunistic hunters and if given the chance, they will prey on marine mammals. Their diet includes:

  • Seals and sea lions: These marine mammals are often targeted by tiger sharks, especially in coastal regions.
  • Dolphins and porpoises: Although not their primary prey, tiger sharks have been known to attack and consume these intelligent creatures.
  • Turtles: Tiger sharks have a particular liking for sea turtles, which they ambush and overpower with their powerful jaws.
  • Sick or injured whales: In some cases, tiger sharks scavenge on floating carcasses or attack sick and injured whales.

3. Birds and Reptiles

Tiger sharks are known to supplement their diet with birds and reptiles that cross their path near the water’s surface. Their prey includes:

  • Seabirds: Flying low over the water puts seabirds at risk of becoming lunch for tiger sharks.
  • Turtles: When turtles come to the water’s surface to breathe, they become potential targets for these sharks.
  • Crocodiles: In brackish water or estuaries, tiger sharks may prey on smaller crocodile species that venture into their domain.

4. Other Prey Items

Tiger sharks are known for their indiscriminate feeding habits and will consume almost anything they encounter. This includes:

  • Trash and garbage: These opportunistic hunters may consume human-made debris that finds its way into the ocean.
  • Animal remains: Tiger sharks scavenge on dead animals, including whales, if they come across their carcasses.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Do Tiger Sharks Eat: Revealing The Secrets Of Their Powerful Appetite

What Do Tiger Sharks Eat When They Are Hungry?

Tiger sharks have a wide-ranging diet including fish, seals, turtles, dolphins, and even smaller sharks.

How Often Do Tiger Sharks Eat?

Tiger sharks generally eat once every few days, but can survive for weeks without food.

Do Tiger Sharks Eat Humans?

While tiger sharks have been known to attack humans, they do not specifically seek out humans as prey.

Can Tiger Sharks Eat Metal Or Plastic?

Tiger sharks are known to have a somewhat indiscriminate appetite and have been found with non-food items in their stomachs, including metal and plastic.


Tiger sharks have a diverse and wide-ranging diet, and their ability to consume various animals, both marine and terrestrial, showcases their status as apex predators. With their powerful jaws and strong hunting instincts, they maintain their position as formidable creatures within the ocean ecosystem.

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