Trifexis Killed My Dog?

When I searched online ”Trifexis killed my dog”, I came across this following heart-breaking story in a dog forum.

I was away on vacation when I got the call that my dog, Max, had died. I couldn’t believe it. He was only four years old. I felt like I had failed him. I should have been there to protect him and take care of him. Instead, he was gone, and it left me with a broken heart. Max was a beautiful golden retriever. He loved to play fetch and go for walks. He was always so happy and full of life. I can’t believe he’s gone. It’s all because of Trifexis – the flea and tick medication that is supposed to be safe for dogs. But it killed my Max”.

This is truly a sad story. But can Trifexis kill a dog? We will answer this question along with other things related to Trifexis and dog. Let’s start with the most important question:

Did Trifexis Kill My Dog?

There is no easy answer whether Trifexis killed your dog. While there have been a few reports of adverse reactions in dogs taking Trifexis, it is impossible to say for certain if the medication caused death in any individual case. Trifexis is a relatively new medication, and there is still much that is unknown about its potential risks and side effects.

If you are concerned that Trifexis may have played a role in your dog’s death, it is important to speak with your veterinarian and/or an experienced veterinary toxicologist to get more information.

How Many Dogs Have Died from Trifexis?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no reliable data on how many dogs have died from taking Trifexis. However, there have been a few reports of dogs dying after taking the drug, so it is possible that the number of deaths is quite low. Trifexis is a relatively new drug, so it will probably take some time before we have a better understanding of its risks and benefits.

In the meantime, it is important to speak with your veterinarian about whether Trifexis is right for your dog.

Why Do Vets Not Like Trifexis?

There are several reasons some vets do not recommend Trifexis, a monthly oral medication to prevent heartworm disease, fleas and other parasites. Here are some of the most common concerns: Trifexis contains spinosad, an ingredient that has been linked to serious adverse reactions in some dogs, including seizures and death.

While the incidence of these reactions is low (less than 1%), they can be very serious and even fatal. Some vets feel that Trifexis is simply unnecessary, as there are other effective heartworm preventives on the market that do not come with the same risks. They may also point out that many heartworm-positive dogs do not show any symptoms until the disease is advanced, so regular testing is essential regardless of which preventive you use.

Finally, Trifexis is one of the most expensive parasite preventives on the market. For some dog owners, it simply isn’t worth the risk when there are cheaper options available.

Why Does Trifexis Make Dogs Sick?

There are a few reasons Trifexis may make dogs sick. The first is that it contains spinosad, which is an insecticide. When this insecticide is ingested, it can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs.

The second reason is that the drug also contains milbemycin oxime, which is an antiparasitic drug. This drug can also cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs when ingested. Finally, Trifexis also contains praziquantel, which is a dewormer.

When this drug is ingested, it can cause abdominal pain and cramping in dogs.

Symptoms of Trifexis Poisoning

If your dog accidentally exposed to very severe doses of Trifexis, it can suffer from Trifexis poisoning. It is a very serious condition that can be fatal if not treated immediately. Symptoms of Trifexis poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and extreme lethargy. If your pet shows any of these symptoms, it is important to take them to the vet immediately for treatment.

Trifexis Recall 2023

As of now, there have been no recalls for Trifexis. While this is good news for many pet owners, it is important to remember that the recall process can take some time and we may hear nothing until 2023.

Also, if you have used Trifexis in the past or currently use it on your pets, it is important to keep your vet updated about any potential side effects or reactions that you observe in your animals. This will help them identify any potential issues early on and prevent further problems from occurring.

If your dog has been taking Trifexis and has experienced any adverse side effects, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Is Trifexis Safe for Dogs in 2022?

Yes, Trifexis is safe for dogs in 2022. This popular flea and tick medication is FDA-approved and effective at preventing infestations of these pests. It also kills existing fleas and ticks on your dog.

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We are so sorry for your loss. We can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you. Trifexis is a popular flea and tick medication that is prescribed by veterinarians for dogs.

Although rare but it has been linked to some serious side effects in some dogs. If you believe that Trifexis killed your dog, we encourage you to speak with your veterinarian and file a report with the FDA.

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