How To Choose A Perfect Name Of Your Pet Tortoise?

Pet tortoise names can be hard to come up with. I’ve asked many people what they would name their tortoise, and the responses are always something like: “I don’t know, whatever”. or “I haven’t thought about it yet.” This is exactly why pet tortoise owners need help in naming their new pet. I will provide you with helpful tips for choosing a good name for your tortoise.

Why is it important to name your pet tortoise?

In the past, it was common for pet owners to name their animals based on its appearance or the sounds it made. Today, naming pets is more strategic and there are a variety of reasons.

  1. Name your pet tortoise to identify it. This is especially important if you own over one tortoise. Tortoises look similar and with so many species available, naming your tortoise can be the best way to tell them apart.
  2. Name your pet tortoise to bond with it. A pet tortoise that has been named will feel like an important part of the family and have a higher chance of getting along well with other members of your household.
  3. Name your pet tortoise for social media purposes. You can take pictures and videos of your pet tortoise with its name clearly visible, which can increase interest in a page or profile that contains these images.
  4. Name your pet tortoise for training. If you need to call your tortoise back inside from outside, or from another room, you won’t have any trouble doing so if you’ve given it a unique name that stands out from others in the house.

How to name your pet tortoise?

A pet tortoise is a great addition to any family. However, choosing the right name for your pet tortoise can be a bit of a challenge. A tortoises’ name will stick with it for life so you will want to choose one that fits perfectly. Here are some great tips to help you pick the perfect name.

  1. Tortoise names should be easy to pronounce and easy to spell.
  2. Try picking names that have an association with their appearance, color, or personality in order to make it easier for them to identify themselves when they are out and about.
  3. Keep the name brief but simple in order to avoid confusion. You don’t want your tortoise getting referred to as ‘Bob’ by one person and ‘Robert’ by another; it’s better just to stick with Bob and avoid the confusion altogether!
  4. No unusual spellings. Try not to use any nicknames or creative spellings when naming your tortoise. Stick with traditional spelling of names because this makes them easier for other people to remember.
  5. Is there any significance in the way your tortoise arrived in your life? Was he (or she) a gift? A rescue? Name him after the person who gave him to you or the person who saved his life!
  6. One of the most important aspects of naming your tortoise is how much time and effort you will put into research. Tortoises can live long lives (25+ years), so the name will have to be something that appeals to you now, but also something that you’ll still get enjoyment out of years down the road.
  7. Go through all the names available. There are many websites that offer lists of suitable names for your pet tortoise. This can allow you to have an ample list from which you can draw from when thinking about what to call your pet tortoise.
  8. Once you have chosen your pet tortoise’s name, go over it with them a few times in order for them to get used to hearing it spoken aloud. Then, whenever you need to call for your little guy or girl, ensure you say their entire name instead of just their nickname so that they can come running.

Cute, Funny and memorable male tortoise names

  1. Arnold
  2. Aquaman
  3. Hercules
  4. Balthazar
  5. Earl
  6. Elvis
  7. Carlos
  8. Fred
  9. Sid
  10. Spike
  11. Albert
  12. Al
  13. Alfie
  14. Bear
  15. Beau
  16. Billi
  17. Bones
  18. Boomer
  19. Buddy
  20. Calvin
  21. Casper
  22. Chico
  23. Clint
  24. Cody
  25. Darth Vader
  26. Dino
  27. Drake Bell
  28. Eddie
  29. Edgar
  30. Fonzie
  31. Frankenstein
  32. Jack
  33. Jax
  34. Jasper
  35. Jerry Springer
  36. John Wayne
  37. JoJo
  38. Joey
  39. Kobe
  40. Liam
  41. Lionel
  42. Manny
  43. Mickey
  44. Nathan
  45. Pablo
  46. Pee Wee Herman
  47. Prince
  48. Rollo Tomasi
  49. Rocky
  50. Thor

Cute, Funny and memorable female tortoise names

  1. Aurora
  2. Bella
  3. Beatrice
  4. Bethany
  5. Betsy
  6. Betty
  7. Babu
  8. Bibi
  9. Bobby
  10. Cindy
  11. Clara
  12. Cleo
  13. Calypso
  14. Dolly Parton
  15. Dotty
  16. Dora
  17. Ebony
  18. Elvira
  19. Eve
  20. Fiona
  21. Florence
  22. Ginger
  23. Gracie
  24. Hannah Montana
  25. Honey Boo Boo
  26. Iris
  27. Jasmine
  28. Jenny
  29. Judy
  30. Kathryn
  31. Kitty Kat  
  32. Lola
  33. Maggie
  34. Marilyn
  35. Miss Piggy  
  36. Moira
  37. Mya
  38. Olivia
  39. Pamela
  40. Pippi
  41. Victoria
  42. Rebecca
  43. Sally
  44. Jessica
  45. Samantha
  46. Scarlett
  47. Shania Twain
  48. Stephanie
  49. Susan
  50. Vanellope


There you have it, a list of cute and funny tortoise names that you can use to call your little guy or girl. We hope you find this list helpful and will use it to call your baby tortoise home.

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