Why Does My Poop Smell Like Cow Manure?

The most common reason that poop smells like manure is because you consume a lot of dairy products. Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose, which is the sugar found in milk. People who don’t produce enough lactase have a condition called lactose intolerance, and their bodies cannot break down the lactose that they consume. As a result, it ferments and works its way through your digestive tract. The result? Poop that really smells like cow manure.

Now, here’s the tricky thing: Most people who are lactose intolerant can tolerate a certain amount of dairy before it causes problems. For example, a cup of yogurt might be okay, but drinking a whole gallon at once might not be so great. If you eat or drink too much dairy in one sitting, your body won’t be able to process all the lactase, and more of it will end up passing through your system without being broken down into digestible sugars.

What to do if my poop smells like cow manure?

Poor diet and digestion can cause foul-smelling stools like cow manure. They can also be a sign of disease. With foul-smelling or greasy stools, the first thing to do is to check for lactose intolerance. This is because it may show an inability to digest milk products properly. A stool that smells of manure may also show a malabsorption syndrome, such as Crohn’s disease or celiac disease.

If you feel your stools are unusually foul-smelling, consult your doctor immediately. He will probably run some tests to determine what is causing the problem before giving advice on how to treat it. Foul-smelling stools are not necessarily a cause for concern, especially if you have been eating a lot of dairy products or fatty foods recently. However, it is always best to make sure that you do not have any underlying medical conditions which could cause the problem.

What does the smell of your poop tell you?

How often have you walked into a bathroom and noticed a foul smell? Sometimes, the culprit is just bad hygiene or an unflushed toilet. But other times, it’s the result of something more serious — like gastrointestinal problems or even colon cancer.

A healthy bowel movement should not have a strong smell. If yours does, you may experience one of several gastrointestinal issues.

Here are seven common causes of smelly poop:

1. You eat foods with certain odors

People who eat a lot of foods with strong odors — such as garlic, onions and some spices — may notice that their stools smell bad. While this isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, it can be unpleasant for you and anyone else who comes into contact with your stool.

2. You are re lactose intolerant

Lactose is a sugar found in dairy products like milk and cheese. For people that are lactose intolerant, their bodies don’t produce enough of the enzyme lactase to break it down properly in the small intestine. As a result, undigested lactose passes into the large intestine, where bacteria break it down and produce hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell), methane (which smells similar to flatulence) and short-chain fatty acids (which make stool very acidic). That combination makes for some seriously pungent poop.

3. Your diet is too high in sulfur-rich foods like Brussels sprouts, cabbage or eggs

Your diet is too high in sulfur-rich foods like Brussels sprouts, cabbage or eggs. Since sulfur is odorless and tasteless, you might not realize your diet is changing until the smellier-than-average poop hits. These can also cause death smelling poop or sulfur smelling poop.

4. Gluten intolerance

A strong odor could be a sign of a gluten intolerance. If you eat a lot of bread and notice smelly poop, it could mean you’re having trouble digesting the gluten in wheat, which can also cause gas. If your poop smells bad after you eat bread, it could be celiac disease.

5. Intestinal infection

An infection in the lining of the intestines can cause inflammation, which is often accompanied by diarrhea and stomach cramps. Infections can also change the way food is absorbed in the intestines, affecting how it smells when expelled. Find out 57 specific causes of bad smell of your poop.

Other causes of foul smelling poop

Find out the other causes of foul smelling poop here:


There are a few reasons you might have poop that smells like cow manure. It could be lactose intolerance or something else entirely.

Lactose intolerance is an inability to digest the sugar in dairy products, which can cause bloating, gas, and really stinky poop. The severity of your symptoms can vary based on how much lactose you consumed. The undigested lactose ferment in your intestine causes your poop to smell like cow manure.

Lactose-free versions of your favorite foods can help prevent symptoms in the future.

Other causes of smelly poop include infection, food poisoning, dehydration, or a side-effect from medication. If you’re experiencing other symptoms like diarrhea, fever, or weight loss, see a doctor.

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