How to Get Rid of Deer: A Complete Guide to Keeping Your Garden Safe

How to Get Rid of Deer

Are deer causing havoc to your garden or property? Don’t fret! We have compiled a list of effective methods to help you get rid of deer and protect your plants and landscape.

1. Install a Deer Fence

A deer fence is an excellent long-term solution to keep deer out of your property. Choose a sturdy fence that is at least 8 feet tall to prevent them from jumping over. Make sure to secure the bottom of the fence to prevent them from squeezing through.

2. Use Deer Repellents

Deer repellents can be an effective way to deter deer from entering your garden. There are various types available, such as sprays, granules, and electronic repellents. Apply them on and around plants or in areas where deer commonly enter.

3. Plant Deer-Resistant Plants

Deer have certain plants they find less appealing. Consider filling your garden with deer-resistant plants like lavender, rosemary, daffodils, and marigolds. Do some research and create a landscape with plants that are unpleasant to deer.

4. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Deer are generally skittish and can be scared away by sudden lights. Install motion sensor lights in your garden or around areas that deer frequently visit. The sudden illumination can startle them and make them think twice about approaching.

5. Create Noise and Movement

Deer are also startled by loud noises and sudden movements. Hang wind chimes, foil strips, or use scarecrows or motion-activated devices that make noise or move when triggered. This will help keep deer away from your garden.

6. Repel Deer with Taste

Certain scents and tastes are unpleasant to deer. Garlic, onions, hot peppers, and soap are known to repel them. Create a homemade repellent by mixing these ingredients with water and spraying it on plants or soaking rags and hanging them around your garden.

7. Eliminate Deer Attractants

Deer are drawn to food sources and shelter. Take measures to eliminate attractants like bird feeders, fallen fruits, and overgrown vegetation that can provide hiding spots. By removing these temptations, you can reduce the chances of deer visiting your property.

8. Use Deer-Proof Netting

If you have specific plants that are particularly attractive to deer, use deer-proof netting to protect them. Wrap the netting securely around the plants to prevent deer from reaching them. Remember to keep the netting elevated as deer can sometimes crawl underneath.

9. Train Dogs to Deter Deer

Dogs can be trained to bark and chase away deer. Consider introducing a dog to your property or utilizing a service dog if you have a large area to protect. The presence and scent of dogs can be a great deterrent for deer.

10. Rotate Plantings

If you have a garden with plants that deer find appealing, consider rotating your plantings. By changing the types of plants you have each season, you can confuse and discourage deer from returning to your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Get Rid Of Deer: A Complete Guide To Keeping Your Garden Safe

How Do You Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden?

To keep deer out of your garden, install a sturdy fence, use deer repellent sprays, and plant deer-resistant plants.

What Are Some Natural Ways To Deter Deer?

Natural ways to deter deer include planting strong-scented plants, using noise deterrents like wind chimes, and installing motion-activated sprinklers.

Is It Effective To Use Homemade Deer Repellents?

Yes, homemade deer repellents can be effective. Mix ingredients like garlic, vinegar, and hot pepper spray to create a repellent spray that deters deer.

What Are Some Native Plants That Deer Dislike?

Deer dislike native plants such as yarrow, lavender, thyme, and butterfly weed. These plants are not only beautiful but also resistant to deer browsing.


Dealing with deer can be a challenge, but with the right methods, you can protect your garden and landscape. From installing fences and using repellents to creating noise and eliminating attractants, there are multiple approaches you can take to keep deer at bay. Choose the methods that suit your needs and remember to evaluate their effectiveness regularly. With persistence and effort, you can successfully get rid of deer and enjoy a thriving garden.

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