How Much Is A Horse In The Philippines For 2023?

When it comes time to buy a horse, there are several factors to consider. Think about your budget, the type of horse you want to purchase, and where you will purchase your horse.

In the Philippines, there are many factors that can affect how much a horse costs. The price of a horse will be different depending on its breed, age, training level and condition. To give you an idea of how much money you will need for a new horse, we’ve listed the average prices for some of the more popular breeds below:

  • Friesian Horse – ₱75,500+
  • Quarter Horse – ₱175,500+
  • Paint Horse – ₱200,000+
  • Palomino Horse – ₱300,000+
  • Arabian Horse – ₱350,000+
  • Andalusian Horse – ₱450,000+

Factors affecting the price of a horse in the Philippines

As with most things, the price of a horse can vary on a variety of factors, including the location and type of horse. The price for a horse in the Philippines can range from P15,000 to P200,000 or more as of 2023. In this article, we will discuss some of the major factors that affect the price of a horse in the Philippines.

The Type of Horse

The major factor affecting the price of a horse is its use or purpose. A racehorse may be expensive compared to a riding or carriage horse. A typical riding horse usually costs around P20,000 to P20,000 but can cost up to P50,000 if it has good bloodlines or has been well trained in dressage or show jumping. Racehorses sell for much more than even well-bred horses. This is because they are valued by their racing ability. Even horses that have won no races sell for hundreds of thousands of pesos because of their breeding and potential as racehorses.

The Gender and Age of the Horse

Another factor that affects the price is gender and age. Male horses (stallions) are more expensive than female horses (mares). Stallions are priced higher than mares because they are easier to train.

What to look for before buying a horse in the Philippines?

Since it is easy to fall in love with a horse, and you want to avoid making a wrong choice, here are some things you should consider when deciding on the right horse for you.

  • Determine your level of experience. If you are a beginner, you will need a horse which is calm and kind. Consider buying a younger horse as you can train them more easily than older horses.
  • Choose the breed according to what you want to do with the horse. There is a good reason certain breeds are known as good work horses, while others are called show horses or racing horses.
  • Consider the age of the horse. A young horse is better suited for beginners because their mind is still malleable and can be trained easier compared to an older one who already has established habits that may take longer to change. Although younger horses are more malleable, they also require more care than older ones and need supervision during training as they have thinner skin which bruises easily from mishandling.
  • Check if there are any medical problems such as arthritis or other physical ailments that might make it unsuitable for riding or working.

Where to buy a horse in the Philippines?

There is a huge horse industry in the Philippines, mainly because they are a popular mode of transportation. They also use them as farm animals and for recreational purposes. There are many kinds of horses in the Philippines, including the Philippine Pony and the Tamaraw.

There are many places to buy a horse in the Philippines. Some of these include rescue centers, local breeders, online retail shops, sale barns and horse shows.

Rescue Centers

There are many non-profit organizations that rescue horses from slaughterhouses and neglectful homes. These horses need suitable homes, so you can adopt one for a small fee. Sometimes these organizations will have auctions or raffles for rescued horses to help raise money for their care. You can find a good horse for less than Php 100,000.00 with the right paperwork and documentation.

A few of these rescue centers include:

  • 1st Philippine Equine Rescue Center
  • Pasig Equine Rescue Center

Local Breeders

You can go to a local breeder to buy a horse if you want to see it before you buy it. This is especially important if you plan on buying a racehorse or show horse and want to make sure it has good conformation and bloodlines. Some local breeders you might contact include:

  • Laguna Farm (Philippine Pony)
  • Farm Design (Philippine Pony)

Online retail shop

The Internet has made it easier for everyone to buy almost anything they want. There are several online retail shops that offer different kinds of horses at different prices, depending on their breed or size. If you want to purchase online, you can check out some of the most renowned horse sellers in the Philippines, like Ponies and Horses Philippines, Horse Market PH, and more.


For a cheaper alternative when buying a horse, check out dealers instead. They cost less than those sold by breeders because they only sell horses rather than train them themselves. However, buyers must be wary of dealers who might trick people into purchasing already sick horses.

Auction sites

If your budget doesn’t allow for buying from an online retail store, then we suggest looking at auction sites instead. These websites usually have cheaper deals than those offered by retailers because sellers set their own prices and are often willing to negotiate.

Facebook Groups

Join Facebook groups dedicated to horses and horse shows in the Philippines. People often post advertisements for horses for sale. Just remember that you do not know how reputable these sellers are, so do your research first before buying a horse sight unseen.

Horse show events

You can watch the horses perform and ask the owners or horse trainers if they have horses for sale. Sometimes they sell some of their horses just in time for the event or they may know someone who is selling one.

Is horse the most expensive pet?

Is horse the most expensive pet? Horse is an animal that has the nickname as the king of animals. There are some people who love to keep a horse at their home for some particular reasons. Owning this animal is not cheap, but it is worth it.

Some people may also keep this kind of animal because they want to show other people they are wealthy. We keep the horse for many purposes, such as horse riding, showing or else. There are several expenses that you should prepare if you want to keep the horse at your home.

Horses are considered luxury items and most pet owners can’t afford them. The average price for a horse is $5,000 to $10,000. A horse will cost you at least $200 a month in food alone.

The price of owning a horse depends on the breed of horse. Some breeds are cheaper than others. A Shetland pony costs around $500 while an Arabian cost about $10,000. A Quarter Horse is more affordable than an Arabian, but it’s still expensive, at about $4,000 each year.

There are many other costs associated with owning a horse, such as vet bills and farrier services. If you’re thinking about buying one, make sure you have enough money saved up before making any commitments.


The cost of getting a horse in the Philippines really depends on a lot of factors. Normally, the price falls between Php 20,000 to Php 50,000 per head. However, this range only applies to local breeds.

If you wish to buy a stallion or mare from abroad, you can expect the price to go higher. In fact, the pricing could go beyond $100 million, depending on your chosen breed.

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