Can Shiba Inus Eat Cheese?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can feed cheese to your Shiba Inus, we’ve got you covered. We’ll answer every question you have about cheese and Shiba Inus right here, so let’s get started.

Everybody loves cheese. It’s a popular food among humans because it’s nutrient-rich and inexpensive, so it’s no surprise that many Shiba Inu owners want to share their favorite food with their best friends. But while the short answer is yes, you can feed cheese to your Shiba Inus, there are lots of things you should know before doing so. We will start with the most important one:

Is cheese safe for Shiba Inus?

Yes, cheese is safe for Shiba Inus to eat, in moderation. However, some Shiba Inus are lactose intolerant and can’t have cheese or other dairy products.

If you want to give your Shiba Inu some cheese, be sure that the cheese has no added ingredients that can be harmful to Shiba Inus. If you’re buying a specific cheese, ensure that it is free of xylitol or grapes/raisins.

I would also recommend introducing cheese slowly. Give your Shiba Inu only a small piece at first—the size of one of your fingernails—and watch for any abnormal signs. Though it’s rare, some Shiba Inus can show food intolerance or allergic reaction to certain foods.

If you observe any abnormal symptoms (vomiting/diarrhea; change in skin; or change in coat), discontinue use and consult with your veterinarian.

Benefits of feeding cheese in Shiba Inus

Cheese is a great snack for your Shiba Inu! Here’s why:

-Protein: cheese contains a bunch of protein, which keeps Shiba Inus’ muscles strong. Shiba Inus need protein and fat to survive, so you can feel good about snacking on cheese with your pupper!

-Essential fatty acids: cheese also contains essential fatty acids that help Shiba Inus digest food, keep their skin healthy, and even prevent cancer.

-Calcium: calcium in cheese is great for the bones of all mammals—including humans! Calcium is super important for keeping bones strong and healthy, so feeding your Shiba Inu cheese means feeding his bones as well.

-Vitamins: cheese contains Vitamin A and B12 (besides other vitamins), which are both super important for Shiba Inus’ immune systems. This means cheese will help your Shiba Inu stay strong and healthy by giving his body what it needs to fight off colds and keep him going no matter what he gets into!

-Training tools: some people use treats to train their Shiba Inus. Cheese can be a tasty incentive for your pup to learn new tricks or commands!

-Concealing pills: if you have trouble getting your Shiba Inu to take medicine, you can try hiding the pill in a piece of cheese!

Do all Shiba Inus like cheese?

Unfortunately, not all Shiba Inus like cheese. Shiba Inus, like people, have different food preferences. Some Shiba Inus don’t eat cheese because they don’t like the smell or taste of it. However, some Shiba Inus are lactose intolerant and can get sick from eating dairy products.

Don’t force your Shiba Inu to eat food that they don’t enjoy. Instead, try other Shiba Inu friendly treats like peanut butter or yogurt. These treats are low in fat and are a good source of protein for your Shiba Inu.

Consult with your vet before introducing a new food to ensure that it’s safe for your pet.

Can my Shiba Inus have cheese every day?

Our recommendation is no, because you don’t want to spoil your Shiba Inu’s appetite or disrupt their digestion. We recommend feeding your Shiba Inu a balanced diet, and then giving them treats as a special treat. Cheese is a great treat for Shiba Inus, because it contains calcium and protein (and most Shiba Inus love it). But if you give your Shiba Inu cheese every day, they might get bored with it.

Also, different treats contain different nutrients. Cheese doesn’t have all the nutrients that a balanced diet does, so if you only give your Shiba Inu cheese, they might develop some nutritional deficiencies. If you only ever feed your Shiba Inu one kind of treat (like cheese), try switching it up with something new every once in a while.

Can Shiba Inu puppies eat cheese?

Yes, Shiba Inu puppies can eat cheese. In fact, it makes an excellent training tool! But you should wait until they are at least two months old, at which point they will have switched over to a more specialized puppy diet. You should always consult with your vet before introducing any new food to your puppy’s diet, but we consider cheese safe if you take precautions.

Many puppies go through a “pickiness” phase when they refuse treats they used to love. When this happens, cheese is always a good option because the smell and flavor are so strong that most puppies won’t be able to resist it.

Because puppies have a delicate digestive system, start with just a tiny bite of cheese, and look for any signs of digestive upset or discomfort before giving them more.

How much cheese can Shiba Inus eat?

The amount of cheese a Shiba Inu can eat depends on the age, size and lactose tolerance level of your Shiba Inu. It’s recommended that you consult with your vet first to get a good idea of the right serving size for your specific Shiba Inugo.

You can start out by offering your pup a small piece of cheese to see if they have any negative reactions to it. If they are fine, you can offer more. As always, portion control is important for your Shiba Inu’s diet and treats.

It’s also important to remember that treats should only make up 10% of your Shiba Inu’s daily calorie intake, so keep the cheese in moderation.

What kind of cheese can Shiba Inus eat?

Here are five types of cheese that you can safely feed your Shiba Inu.

1. Mozzarella: low in fat, so it won’t upset your Shiba Inu’s stomach

2. Cottage cheese: also low in fat, and contains probiotics, which can aid your Shiba Inu’s digestion

3. Swiss cheese: low in lactose, so it won’t upset your Shiba Inu’s stomach

4. Cheddar: low level of salts, but high in protein, making it a great option for a snack

5. String cheese: low levels of lactose and salt; stringiness could cause trouble swallowing, so break it down into smaller bits before giving it to your pet.

What types of cheese are bad for Shiba Inus?

Blue Cheese: Contains Stilton fungus, which produces a substance called Roquefortine C that is toxic to Shiba Inus.

Goat Cheese: Contains more lactose than cow’s milk and is thus discouraged for Shiba Inus.

Cheesecake: Very high fat content and can lead to obesity or pancreatitis if ingested by Shiba Inus.

Cream Cheese: High in fats, can lead to obesity in Shiba Inus when ingested.

Parmesan Cheese: High in sodium, which can lead to excessive thirst and urination in Shiba Inus.

Cheese Puffs: Very high in fat and sodium, and are thus not good for your Shiba Inu’s health.

How to serve cheese to your Shiba Inus?

You can serve cheese to your Shiba Inus in a few different ways. First, you can feed it to your Shiba Inu as it is, but cut it up into small pieces. Second, you can sprinkle some cheese over their regular food, as a tasty topper. And third, you can pour some cheesy sauce over their dry food to make it more enticing for them. Another way of feeding your Shiba Inu cheese is by mixing it with rice: mix equal parts cooked white rice and cottage cheese, and give it to your Shiba Inu when they have an upset stomach.

What are the risks of feeding cheese to your Shiba Inu?

Is your Shiba Inu crazy about cheese? They’re not alone! A lot of Shiba Inus find cheese irresistible. But before you give into Fido’s begging and feed them some cheese, there are a couple of things you should know.

Cheese is a high-fat food, so it is best to only serve it as a treat. Too much fat can lead to pancreatitis, which can be fatal for your pup.

You may think that your Shiba Inu’s love for cheese means they’re not lactose intolerant, but that may not actually be the case. Some cheeses contain high amounts of lactose and are therefore just as likely to cause gastrointestinal upset in your Shiba Inu.

Finally, you should always check the ingredients list for toxic additions like garlic or onion. These can be very harmful to your pet, so make sure you keep these out of their reach at all times.

Other human foods Shiba Inus can eat

What other human foods can Shiba Inus eat? Here is a list of some other human foods your Shiba Inu can eat.

So, can Shiba Inus eat cheese? 

Yes, Shiba Inus can eat cheese. In fact, cheese is a great treat for your Shiba Inu because it contains lots of nutrients, including fat and protein. However, don’t feed your Shiba Inu cheese all the time. Cheese contains a lot of fat, and feeding your Shiba Inu too much fat can lead to obesity or other problems. Instead of feeding your Shiba Inu cheese every day, just give him small bits of cheese once in a while as a special treat.

Cheese is rich in protein and calcium but is also high in fat and salt. While these are all good nutrients for your Shiba Inu’s diet, if you overfeed your Shiba Inu with cheese it can cause health issues like obesity and pancreatitis. Cheese also has lactose, which some Shiba Inus may not digest properly and can cause diarrhea or other digestive issues.

Also keep in mind that when offering any human food as a treat to your Shiba Inu, it should only make up 10% of their total diet.

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