Common FAQs About Caique Birds

If you’re thinking of getting a Caique as a pet bird, then welcome to the best place online to learn everything you need to know about this unique species. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to help answer your questions so you can get started off on the right foot. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of owning Caiques so that you can relax and enjoy watching your new feathered friends play in their new home.

What is a caique bird?

The caiques are a species of parrots endemic to South America. They belong to the Pionites genus. The Pionites genus is made up of four very similar species. These are Pionites leucogaster, the white-bellied caique, Pionites melanocephalus, the black-headed caique, Pionites pitius, the yellow-winged caique, and finally Pionites maximiliani or Maximilian’s caique. All except maximiliani are endangered.

They have a coloration which is mostly green with yellow to red heads, napes and underparts, blue primary and secondary feathers, brown upperparts and tails, a red patch on the belly, blue eyes and a heavy bill. The best known species is the black-headed parrot of the Amazon region. They are scarce and live in humid tropical forests from eastern Venezuela to northern Argentina.

How to pronounce a caique bird?

The Caique is a small parrot species belonging to the Psittacidae family. Its name is pronounced as “kai-eke” but sometimes it can be found written differently, like in the early editions of “The Handbook of The Birds Of The World Alive” where it was featured as “Cayak”.

How long do caique birds live?

These wonderfully bright birds live quite a long time, with an average lifespan of 40 years. Commonly reaching an age of 50 years if they are healthy, it’s no wonder that they are one of the most well-known parrots in the United States. Not only does this make them very well-known pet birds in the country, but also a popular version to purchase from breeders who take great care in selecting birds for their breeding program.

What is the temperament of caique birds?

The temperament of caiques is unique in the parrot’s world. When compared to other parrot species such as African Greys, Amazons, and Macaws, caiques have been described to have a “dog-like” personality. They are extremely playful and affectionate, which makes them very entertaining pets. There are many documented cases where caiques have formed strong bonds with their human owners, similar to dogs and cats.

Caiques are very comical and amusing birds to keep as pets. They will provide you with hours of entertainment through their antics and funny behavior. However, when it comes to training them, give them some time and patience. Some caiques do not respond to positive reinforcement and are therefore considered stubborn by some parrot experts. You can definitely teach them tricks, but they will not listen to you using what we call ‘clicker’ training.

How much does a caique bird cost?

Caiques are relatively expensive parrots and are available for sale between $1000 to $2000. The larger caique species can cost more than that, depending on the vendor. Since there are a lot of factors at play, such as their size, age, health, and appearance determine the cost of caiques.

How much is a white bellied caique bird?

There is no short answer to this question. Prices vary depending on the bird’s history, its coloration, and other factors.

White bellied caiques are rarer and therefore more expensive, but not as expensive as a blue fronted Amazon or an orange winged Amazon. You can find a white bellied caique for sale for around $1500 to $3000, but there are some people who will charge you upwards of $4000 for their pet bird.

Where to buy or adopt a caique parrot?

Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the Caique and have decided it’s the right bird for you, your next step is to find one and bring it home.

Bird clubs/rescue group– The best way to find out about a parrot’s behavior and personality is to visit with the bird in its own environment. Bird clubs and rescue groups often keep birds temporarily in foster homes or shelters because of overcrowding at their facilities. The foster home environment can give you an idea of how your bird will behave in yours. Some clubs have annual festivals and other events where the public is invited to come and enjoy petting and feeding baby birds and seeing adult birds up close.

Local Veterinarian– You will also be able to speak with the people who raise these parrots. If there is an avian veterinarian in your area, contact him or her and ask if he or she ever has a caique for adoption that is being treated for a medical problem but could be adopted by a loving family once fully recovered. Many veterinarians do this and have built good relationships with many local bird rescue organizations.

Licensed breeders– You may find a licensed breeder in your local area or online who specializes in this type of parrot. But before you purchase one, it’s important to visit them in person and see how they interact with people and other birds. This will give you an idea of whether the bird is right for you.

Pet stores– Caiques are not widely available in pet stores and are rarely seen for sale on any of the internet auction sites. There are only a handful of licensed breeders in the United States, and most of them have waiting lists. The best way to find a Caique is through adoption or rescue.

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