Are Dogs Allowed In Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel does not allow dogs inside their shop/restaurant. However, if you bring your dog, they will accompany you to sit outside with your dog. You can also order food for your dog and have it delivered outside for them. There are no restrictions on what kind of dog food you can bring into the restaurant.

However, service dogs are allowed inside.

Are Small Dogs Allowed in Cracker Barrel?

The rule is the same for dogs of every size: no dogs are allowed inside Cracker Barrel restaurants.

This policy is in place for two reasons. First, it’s a safety issue for both your dog and other people in the restaurant. Second, it’s a health issue for other guests who may be allergic to dogs or have other concerns about being around them.

So if you want to take your pup out for a meal at Cracker Barrel, you’ll need to leave them at home—or sit outside the restaurant.

Why Aren’t Dogs Allowed inside Cracker Barrel?

If you’ve ever eaten at Cracker Barrel, you’ve probably wondered why dogs are not allowed inside. The answer is simple: Cracker Barrel has a policy that bans dogs from the restaurant because they don’t want to deal with the mess they make.

According to the official policy page, “the presence of animals may present a health or safety hazard to our guests and employees.” In addition to being messy, many dogs are known for being loud and destructive—something that would be a problem for any restaurant.

Why Do People Want to Bring Their Dogs to Cracker Barrel?

Some people don’t enjoy leaving their dogs at home because they’re scared that their pets will get anxious and depressed without them. Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety when owners leave them at home. Many people believe that bringing their pets with them on a trip helps them bond with their dog more closely—and that the presence of a pet during a family outing makes it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Can the Employees at Cracker Barrel Demand Documentation of Service Dogs?

The short answer is no, employees at Cracker Barrel cannot demand documentation of your service dog. However, it’s best to have your dog a vest or service dog tag.

We know you’re probably wondering why this is the case—after all, it seems like all kinds of other places require documentation, so why not a restaurant? Well, there are two main reasons: one is that it’s not legally required for businesses to do so, and the second is that it puts the onus on people with disabilities to prove their disability when they shouldn’t have to.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people with disabilities from discrimination in all spheres of public life—including restaurants. That means that even if an employee at Cracker Barrel wanted to ask for proof of disability before allowing entrance into their establishment with a service dog, they couldn’t legally do so.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants near Me

Are you looking for a pet-friendly restaurant near you? Here is a list of some great places to bring your furry friend along with you to enjoy a meal!

1. The Dog Bar – This place is exactly what it sounds like, a bar for dogs. They have a large outdoor patio that is perfect for pups to socialize and play while their owners enjoy some drinks.

2. Paws on the Patio – This restaurant has several locations in the city and offers a special menu just for dogs. They also have a doggy happy hour where your pup can get free treats.

3. The Barking Dog – Another great option for grabbing a drink with your dog by your side. This place has an extensive beer list and also serves food if you’re looking for more than just drinks.

4. Bow Wow Chow – A food truck specifically for dogs. They serve up meals that are healthy and delicious, made with all natural ingredients. Your dog will love chowing down on one of their bowls filled with goodness.

5. Unleashed – A pet store that also has a cafe area where you can sit and relax with your four-legged friend by your side. They offer both human and dog-friendly menu items so everyone can enjoy something tasty.


Cracker Barrel is a place that welcomes your furry friends, so long as you’re not planning on eating inside. That’s right—if you want to bring your dog along with you to Cracker Barrel, they’ll be happy to sit outside with you while you enjoy some delicious food and drinks.

If you’re planning on dining in, however, then they don’t recommend bringing your pup. They’ll be allowed on the patio if it’s an outdoor seating area or if it’s raining, but otherwise they should stay home.

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