When Does Deer Season Start in Minnesota: A Complete Guide

When Does Deer Season Start in Minnesota

Deer hunting is a popular activity in Minnesota, attracting hunters from all over the state and even from neighboring regions. If you’re an avid hunter or someone who is interested in giving deer hunting a try, it’s important to know when deer season starts in Minnesota. In this article, we will discuss the dates and regulations surrounding deer hunting in Minnesota.

Firearm Deer Season

In Minnesota, the main event for deer hunters is the firearm deer season. This season typically begins in early November and runs for about two weeks. The exact start and end dates for firearm deer season can vary from year to year, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is responsible for setting these dates.

During firearm deer season, hunters are allowed to use various types of firearms, including rifles and shotguns, to harvest deer. However, it’s important to note that specific rules and regulations apply, such as allowable hunting hours and bag limits. These rules are in place to ensure the sustainability of the deer population and to promote ethical hunting practices.

Archery Deer Season

In addition to firearm deer season, Minnesota also offers an archery deer season, which provides hunters with an alternative method to pursue deer. Archery deer season typically starts several weeks earlier than firearm deer season and extends until late December or early January.

The use of a bow and arrow requires a different skill set compared to using firearms. It provides hunters with a unique and challenging experience. Archery deer season gives hunters the opportunity for a longer hunting season and often allows for hunting in areas where firearm hunting is restricted or prohibited, such as within city limits.

Muzzleloader Deer Season

Minnesota also has a muzzleloader deer season that falls between the archery and firearm seasons. This season allows hunters to use muzzleloading firearms to harvest deer. Muzzleloaders are firearms that are loaded from the front end of the gun barrel, typically through a muzzle or open end.

Muzzleloader deer season typically takes place for about ten days in late November or early December. This season is popular among hunters who prefer the challenge and tradition of using muzzleloaders. It’s worth noting that muzzleloader deer season has its own set of rules and regulations, which hunters must adhere to.

Youth Deer Season

Minnesota also has a designated youth deer season, providing young hunters with an opportunity to experience and enjoy the thrill of deer hunting. This season typically occurs in mid-October, before the firearm deer season begins. The youth deer season is specifically designed for hunters under the age of 18.

During the youth deer season, adult supervision is required, and certain restrictions apply to ensure the safety of young hunters. It’s an excellent opportunity for parents or guardians to introduce their children to the world of hunting and pass down traditions to the next generation.

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When Does Deer Season Start In Minnesota?

Deer season in Minnesota typically starts in early November and lasts for several weeks, providing hunters with ample opportunity to pursue this popular game animal.


Knowing when deer season starts in Minnesota is crucial for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you prefer firearm, archery, or muzzleloader hunting, there are specific seasons set by the Minnesota DNR. It’s essential to stay updated on the current regulations for each season to ensure compliance and an enjoyable hunting experience.

Remember, hunting is a responsible activity that requires respect for nature, wildlife, and fellow hunters. By following the rules and regulations, hunters can help ensure the sustainability of deer populations, maintaining a healthy ecosystem for future generations of hunters to come.

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