What of This Goldfish Would You Wish? Worksheet Solutions

The “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish” worksheet explores themes of wishes, consequences, and human nature. Answers vary based on interpretation and analysis.

The “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish” worksheet is a literature activity that delves into the story by Etgar Keret. It encourages students to reflect on their own wishes and consider the impact of those wishes on their lives and others.

The worksheet promotes critical thinking and comprehension by asking students to analyze characters’ motives and the moral lessons of the story. Through these exercises, students develop a deeper understanding of the narrative and its underlying messages. This activity is an excellent tool for engaging students in meaningful discussions about human desires and ethical dilemmas.

What of This Goldfish Would You Wish? Worksheet Solutions

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Introduction To ‘what Of This Goldfish Would You Wish?’

The short story “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish?” explores human desires. It also delves into the consequences of getting what we wish for. This story captivates readers with its unique plot and memorable characters.

Author And Publication Context

Etgar Keret is the author of this fascinating story. Keret is an Israeli writer known for his short stories. His work often blends surreal elements with real-life issues. “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish?” was first published in 2010. It is part of his collection called Suddenly, a Knock on the Door.

Brief Plot Summary

The story centers on a man named Sergei. Sergei owns a magical goldfish that grants three wishes. A young filmmaker, Yonatan, visits Sergei to make a documentary. He asks people what they would wish for if they had a goldfish. Yonatan’s visit leads to unexpected events. Sergei faces a tough decision about using his last wish. This decision reveals much about human nature and desires.

Characters And Analysis

Characters and Analysis: What of This Goldfish Would You Wish Worksheet Answers

The story “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish?” by Etgar Keret presents a unique plot with intriguing characters. Understanding these characters and their relationships is crucial for deep comprehension.

Character Profiles

Character Description
Sergei Sergei is a lonely man with a magical goldfish. He is kind but protective of his wishes.
Yonatan Yonatan is a young filmmaker. He wants to document people’s wishes.
The Goldfish The goldfish grants three wishes. It forms a bond with Sergei.

Interpersonal Dynamics

  • Sergei and the Goldfish: Sergei and the goldfish share a unique bond. Sergei values the goldfish for its companionship and magical powers.
  • Sergei and Yonatan: Their interaction is pivotal. It reveals Sergei’s protective nature and Yonatan’s curiosity.
  • Goldfish’s Influence: The goldfish influences Sergei’s decisions. Its presence brings a magical element to the story.

Themes Explored In The Story

The story “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish?” dives deep into human emotions. It explores powerful themes that resonate with readers. Understanding these themes can help students grasp the story’s deeper meanings.

The Concept Of Wishes And Morality

One central theme is the concept of wishes and their moral implications. The story questions the ethics behind wish-making. It asks whether granting wishes is always the right choice. Goldfish here symbolizes power and temptation. Characters face moral dilemmas when given the chance to make a wish. They must choose wisely, considering the consequences. This theme encourages readers to think about their own values and decisions.

Isolation And Connection

Another theme is the balance between isolation and connection. Many characters in the story feel isolated. They struggle to connect with others. The goldfish serves as a bridge, offering a way to connect. Yet, the story shows that true connection requires more than just a wish. It needs understanding, empathy, and effort. This theme highlights the importance of human bonds and the challenges in forming them.

What of This Goldfish Would You Wish? Worksheet Solutions

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Worksheet Question Categories

The ‘What of This Goldfish Would You Wish’ worksheet is a valuable educational tool. It includes various question categories that help students understand the story better. These categories include Comprehension Checks and Critical Thinking. Each category is designed to enhance different aspects of learning.

Comprehension Checks

This section tests students’ understanding of the story’s plot. It includes questions about the main events, characters, and settings. Students answer questions like:

  • What is the main character’s name?
  • Where does the story take place?
  • What is the main conflict in the story?

These questions help students recall important details. They ensure that students have read and understood the text.

Critical Thinking

This section encourages students to think deeper about the story. It includes questions that require analysis and personal reflection. Students might be asked:

  • Why do you think the character made that decision?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • How does the story’s setting affect the plot?

These questions help students develop their analytical skills. They encourage students to engage with the text on a deeper level.

Question Type Example Question
Comprehension Check What is the main character’s name?
Critical Thinking Why do you think the character made that decision?

Using these question categories, teachers can help students improve their reading skills. The worksheet provides a balanced approach to understanding and analyzing the story.

Solutions To Comprehension Questions

What of This Goldfish Would You Wish Worksheet Answers

Understanding the story “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish” can be fun. Our worksheet answers will help you. Below are the solutions to the comprehension questions.

Key Plot Points

The story has several key plot points. These points help understand the story better. Here are the main ones:

  • Sergei finds a magical goldfish.
  • The goldfish can grant three wishes.
  • Yoni is making a documentary about wishes.
  • Sergei uses the wishes for important reasons.

Character Motivations

Characters in the story have their own motivations. Knowing these helps us understand their actions. Here are the motivations of key characters:

Character Motivations
Sergei Wants to keep the goldfish secret. He fears losing it.
Yoni Wants to make a great documentary. He asks people about their wishes.
Goldfish Wants to help Sergei. Feels loyal to him.
What of This Goldfish Would You Wish? Worksheet Solutions

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Analyzing Themes Through Worksheet Answers

Worksheets help students understand themes in stories. “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish?” is a story full of deep themes. By analyzing worksheet answers, we can dig into these themes.

Wishes And Consequences

The story revolves around wishes. The goldfish grants three wishes to its owner. Students can explore the theme of wishes and consequences through their answers.

Wish Consequence
First Wish Immediate relief but later problems
Second Wish Short-term happiness but long-term regret
Third Wish Final choice with lasting impact

Analyzing the answers reveals the importance of thoughtfulness in making wishes. Each wish comes with its own set of consequences. This teaches students about cause and effect in decision-making.

Social Interaction And Loneliness

The story also highlights social interaction and loneliness. The character’s relationship with the goldfish is key. By answering questions, students can understand these themes better.

  • Loneliness: The character feels isolated and seeks companionship.
  • Interaction: The wishes show the struggle to connect with others.

Worksheet answers can show how the character’s loneliness affects his choices. The goldfish becomes a metaphor for human connection. This theme resonates with students and helps them understand the value of relationships.

Literary Devices In The Story

What of This Goldfish Would You Wish Worksheet Answers

The story “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish” uses many literary devices. These devices make the story engaging and meaningful. Let’s explore some of them.

Symbolism Of The Goldfish

The goldfish in the story is more than just a fish. It symbolizes hope and wishes. The goldfish represents the power to change one’s life. It holds the promise of three wishes. Each wish can bring a significant change. The goldfish symbolizes the human desire for a better life.

Use Of Irony And Foreshadowing

Irony is when something unexpected happens. In the story, the goldfish grants wishes, but not always in a happy way. This is irony. The character’s wishes often lead to unforeseen consequences. This makes the reader think deeply about their own desires.

Foreshadowing gives hints about what will happen next. The story uses foreshadowing to build suspense. Small clues are given about future events. These clues keep the reader engaged and curious.

Reflection And Personal Response

Reflection and Personal Response: What of This Goldfish Would You Wish Worksheet Answers

The “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish” worksheet encourages deep reflection. Students explore their own thoughts and feelings. This activity helps develop critical thinking skills and empathy.

Personal Interpretations

Each student may have different personal interpretations of the story. Some might relate to the character’s loneliness. Others may connect with the theme of making difficult choices. It’s important to understand and respect these diverse viewpoints.

  • Loneliness: Feeling isolated and yearning for connection.
  • Choices: The struggle of making the right decision.
  • Empathy: Understanding others’ feelings and perspectives.

Relating Themes To Real Life

The themes in the story can be related to real-life experiences. For instance, the theme of loneliness is a common feeling. Students can reflect on times they felt alone or isolated.

Making difficult choices is another relatable theme. We all face tough decisions in life. Discussing these themes helps students connect the story to their own lives.

Theme Real-Life Example
Loneliness Moving to a new school and feeling alone.
Choices Deciding between two important activities.
Empathy Helping a friend who is upset.


Discovering the answers to “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish” can be enlightening. This worksheet encourages critical thinking. Use it to spark engaging discussions and personal reflections. Enjoy exploring the possibilities and sharing your thoughts. Enhance your learning journey with this insightful activity.

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