How Much are Goldfish at Petsmart: Unveiled Prices!

Goldfish at Petsmart typically range from $0.16 to $34.99, depending on the type and size. Prices vary based on the breed and color.

Goldfish are one of the most popular pets for both beginners and experienced aquarists. Their vibrant colors and relatively easy care requirements make them an attractive option. Petsmart offers a wide variety of goldfish, from common varieties to more exotic breeds.

Prices reflect factors such as size, breed, and specific care needs. Whether you are setting up a new aquarium or adding to an existing one, knowing the cost helps in planning your budget. Understanding the price range ensures you select the goldfish that best suits your preferences and aquarium setup.

How Much are Goldfish at Petsmart: Unveiled Prices!


Introduction To Goldfish At Petsmart

Goldfish are a popular choice for both new and experienced pet owners. They are beautiful, easy to care for, and bring joy to any home. Petsmart offers a wide variety of goldfish, making it a great place to find your new aquatic friend.

Popularity Of Goldfish As Pets

Goldfish have been cherished pets for many years. They are known for their vibrant colors and graceful movements. Many people choose goldfish because they are low-maintenance compared to other pets.

Goldfish come in various sizes and types. You can find common goldfish, fancy goldfish, and exotic breeds. Each type has unique features and care needs. At Petsmart, you can find many options to fit your preferences.

Goldfish are also a great choice for children. They are easy to feed and fun to watch. Having goldfish can teach kids responsibility and empathy. These fish can live for many years with proper care.

Role Of Petsmart In Pet Care

Petsmart is a trusted name in the pet care industry. They offer a wide range of products and services for all types of pets. For goldfish, they provide everything you need, from tanks to food and accessories.

At Petsmart, you can find knowledgeable staff ready to help. They can answer questions about goldfish care and recommend the best products. This ensures that your goldfish stay healthy and happy.

Petsmart also offers various price points for goldfish. This makes it easier for families to find a fish that fits their budget. Here is a table showing the price range of goldfish at Petsmart:

Goldfish Type Price Range
Common Goldfish $0.10 – $5.00
Fancy Goldfish $5.00 – $30.00
Exotic Goldfish $30.00 – $100.00

Shopping at Petsmart ensures that you get healthy and well-cared-for goldfish. They offer a great selection and excellent customer service.

How Much are Goldfish at Petsmart: Unveiled Prices!


Factors Influencing Goldfish Prices

Factors Influencing Goldfish Prices at Petsmart

Goldfish prices at Petsmart can vary. Several factors affect their prices. Understanding these can help you choose the right goldfish for your needs. Below are some key factors that influence the cost of goldfish.

Species And Size Variations

Goldfish come in many species. Each species has a different price. Common goldfish are usually less expensive. Fancy goldfish tend to cost more. Size also affects the price. Larger goldfish are pricier than smaller ones.

Species Price Range
Common Goldfish $0.10 – $1.00
Fancy Goldfish $5.00 – $40.00
Comet Goldfish $0.20 – $5.00

Health And Breeding Quality

Health is a big factor in goldfish prices. Healthy goldfish cost more. Petsmart ensures their goldfish are healthy. Breeding quality also matters. High-quality breeders produce more expensive goldfish. These fish have better colors and shapes.

  • Healthy Goldfish: Cost more due to care and treatment.
  • Breeding Quality: High-quality breeders produce pricier fish.

Standard Goldfish Pricing

Goldfish are popular pets due to their vibrant colors and easy care. At PetSmart, goldfish prices vary based on type and size. This guide breaks down the standard pricing for goldfish at PetSmart.

Price Range For Common Goldfish

Common goldfish are often the most affordable. Their prices usually range from $0.16 to $5.99. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Small (1-2 inches): $0.16 – $0.99
  • Medium (2-4 inches): $1.99 – $3.99
  • Large (4-6 inches): $4.99 – $5.99

Cost Of Fancy Goldfish Types

Fancy goldfish have unique features and often cost more. The price range is from $5.99 to $34.99. Here’s a detailed list:

  1. Fantail Goldfish: $5.99 – $10.99
  2. Oranda Goldfish: $9.99 – $29.99
  3. Black Moor Goldfish: $8.99 – $19.99
  4. Ryukin Goldfish: $10.99 – $34.99

Goldfish from PetSmart come in various sizes and colors. The prices depend on the type and size of the goldfish. Common goldfish are cheaper, while fancy goldfish are more expensive due to their unique features.

Comparison With Other Retailers

Goldfish prices can vary significantly across different retailers. Understanding these differences helps you make an informed decision. Let’s compare Petsmart’s goldfish prices with local pet stores and online sellers.

Petsmart Vs. Local Pet Stores

Petsmart often has competitive prices for goldfish. Here’s a comparison:

Store Price Range
Petsmart $0.15 – $30.00
Local Pet Stores $0.20 – $35.00

Petsmart offers a broader price range. Local pet stores might have higher prices. Petsmart also provides frequent sales and loyalty programs.

Online Sellers Vs. Brick-and-mortar Stores

Buying goldfish online can be convenient. Let’s see how it compares to brick-and-mortar stores:

  • Online Sellers: Prices range from $1.00 to $50.00.
  • Brick-and-Mortar Stores: Prices range from $0.15 to $35.00.

Online sellers may offer rare breeds. But shipping costs can be high. Brick-and-mortar stores let you see the fish before buying. This ensures the fish is healthy.

Seasonal And Promotional Offers

Goldfish prices at PetSmart can change with seasonal and promotional offers. These offers can help you save money and get the best deals. This section will cover discounts and deals, and membership rewards and benefits.

Discounts And Deals

PetSmart often has special discounts on goldfish during certain times of the year. Check for holiday sales, such as:

  • Black Friday
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s

During these times, goldfish prices can drop significantly. You might also find buy-one-get-one-free deals or percentage-off discounts.

Visit the PetSmart website or store for the latest offers. You can also sign up for their newsletter to get notified about upcoming sales.

Membership Rewards And Benefits

Joining the PetSmart Treats program offers several benefits. Members can earn points on purchases, including goldfish.

Here’s a quick overview of the Treats program benefits:

Benefit Description
Points Earn points on every purchase.
Discounts Exclusive discounts for members.
Coupons Special coupons sent to your email.

Use the earned points to get discounts on future purchases. Check your account to see your points and rewards.

Joining is free and easy. Sign up online or at any PetSmart store. Enjoy the benefits and save on your goldfish purchases.

Additional Costs To Consider

When purchasing a goldfish at Petsmart, the initial cost is just the beginning. It’s crucial to understand the additional costs involved in providing a proper home and care for your new pet. This section will guide you through the key expenses beyond the price of the goldfish itself.

Aquarium Setup And Maintenance

Setting up an aquarium requires several essential items. Here’s a list of what you will need:

  • Tank: A suitable size is vital for goldfish.
  • Filter: Keeps the water clean and healthy.
  • Gravel: Provides a natural environment.
  • Plants: Real or artificial plants for decoration.
  • Lighting: Ensures the fish have a day-night cycle.

These items can range in cost:

Item Estimated Cost
Tank $30 – $200
Filter $15 – $50
Gravel $10 – $30
Plants $5 – $20
Lighting $20 – $60

Ongoing Care Expenses

Owning a goldfish involves ongoing expenses. Here are the most common:

  1. Food: Quality food is important for health.
  2. Water Conditioner: Keeps water safe for fish.
  3. Replacement Filters: Needed for tank maintenance.
  4. Health Supplies: Medications and treatments.

These ongoing costs can add up:

Item Monthly Cost
Food $5 – $10
Water Conditioner $5 – $10
Replacement Filters $10 – $20
Health Supplies $5 – $15

Understanding these costs helps ensure a happy, healthy home for your goldfish.

Tips For Choosing Goldfish At Petsmart

Choosing the right goldfish at Petsmart can be exciting and rewarding. To make the best choice, you need to know what to look for. This guide provides essential tips for selecting a healthy goldfish.

Health Indicators To Look For

When choosing a goldfish, it’s important to check for signs of good health. Here are some key health indicators to consider:

  • Bright Colors: Healthy goldfish have vibrant colors.
  • Clear Eyes: Their eyes should be clear, not cloudy.
  • Active Movement: Look for fish that swim actively.
  • Clean Fins: Fins should be intact and not torn.
  • Smooth Scales: Scales should lie flat and be shiny.

These indicators help you spot a healthy goldfish quickly. Avoid fish that seem sluggish or have damaged fins.

Questions To Ask Staff

Don’t hesitate to ask the Petsmart staff for more information. Here are some useful questions:

  1. How long has the goldfish been in the store? Longer stays might indicate health issues.
  2. What is the fish’s diet? Knowing their diet helps in feeding them correctly.
  3. Has the goldfish been treated for any diseases? Prior treatments could signal potential problems.
  4. What is the ideal tank setup? Understand the best environment for your goldfish.
  5. Are there any special care instructions? Some goldfish may need extra care.

Asking these questions ensures you make an informed decision. It also helps you provide the best care for your new pet.

How Much are Goldfish at Petsmart: Unveiled Prices!


Responsibilities Of Goldfish Ownership

Owning a goldfish can be a delightful experience. But it’s important to know the responsibilities that come with it. Goldfish are living creatures that need proper care and attention. This section will cover the essential responsibilities of goldfish ownership.

Understanding Pet Care Commitment

Caring for a goldfish is a long-term commitment. Goldfish can live up to 10 years or more. They need a clean and safe environment to thrive.

  • Feeding: Goldfish need a balanced diet. Overfeeding can harm them.
  • Cleaning: Their tank needs regular cleaning. This prevents harmful bacteria buildup.
  • Space: Goldfish need space to swim. A small tank can stress them out.

Ethical Considerations And Best Practices

Buying a goldfish involves ethical considerations. Ensure you get your fish from a reputable source. This ensures the fish are healthy and well-treated.

  1. Research: Learn about goldfish care before buying one.
  2. Tank Size: Provide a tank that’s at least 20 gallons.
  3. Water Quality: Use a filter to keep the water clean.

Following these best practices ensures your goldfish lives a happy and healthy life.


Goldfish prices at Petsmart vary based on type and size. Generally, they are affordable for most budgets. It’s essential to consider additional costs like tanks and food. Research and plan before purchasing to ensure a healthy environment for your new pet.

Enjoy the joy goldfish bring to your home!

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